TAG Heuer replica officially actually became La Liga Partners and Sponsors

TAG Heuer replica officially became La Liga Partners and Sponsors

Swiss pioneer in the watch brand Tag Heuer TAG Heuer today announced the world as one of the world’s most influential Football League – La Liga’s official timing partner.
Press conference scene is cleverly arranged as a football field, ball legend, the current head of the US division of the Spanish league Raul Gonzalez (Raúl González), Spanish MENA division head of Fernando Sanz (Fernando Sanz) was invited to attend, accompanied by the General Manager of TAG Heuer Tiger Ponzano Spain Blanca (Blanca Panzano), in order to unveil the countdown will start the new season start in August.

TAG Heuer replica watches has been supporting the development of football, FIFA extensive cooperation across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, comprising: German Football League, the United States Major League Soccer (MLS), the United States and the American Professional Football Association referees Association (PRO), the America’s Cup, Chinese super League, ICC Champions Cup international tournament with China and Australia men’s national soccer team; and the new cooperation allows TAG Heuer Tiger global strategy blueprint more perfect.



Tag Heuer and LVMH Group CEO Road Watch president let – (Jean-Claude Biver) • Mr. Claude Beaver said: “Football, the world’s most popular sport, has become a common language across borders and cultures, through football, people pass the passion, joy, honor and dreams, communication teamwork and the pursuit of victory; As Tiger TAG Heuer has always been a pioneer in the spirit of tradition is more important is that we buy and wear wrist people also share the same table of values. ”

“We cooperate in this TAG Heuer Tiger and the world’s top soccer league honored,” general manager of TAG Heuer Tiger Blanca Spain Ponzano added. “This collaboration highlights the brand attaches great importance to and actively involved on the football field, but also continues to confirm the TAG Heuer Tiger years has been uphold #DontCrackUnderPressure risen to the challenge, pioneering spirit of self-achievement.”

Legend Raul Gonzalez said: “Throughout my career, I spent in the league enjoyed every magical moment, and look forward to Tiger TAG Heuer as the official timing, recording more exciting moments. “Fernando Sanz also commented:” today TAG Heuer Tiger and Spanish cooperation, but also to fans looking forward to the new league season entered the countdown stage, the Spanish football club from the UEFA Champions League (UEFA Champions League) and foot in Europe United Europa League (UEFA Europa League,) the outstanding performance of the players in La Liga and UEFA Champions League 2016 France (UEFA Euro) on the purpose of burning wonderful performance can be seen, the next cooperation destined to make this season more exciting, full of suspense. ”


La Liga soccer league as the world’s benchmark, the high level of its fine quality of fame not only in Spain, but also internationally renowned, Spain in recent years many teams performance in European competition is sufficient evidence, by the fans worldwide love, not only in Spain, Asia, Latin America and many other countries and regions have a lot of fans and supporters.

Breakdown of those in the final moments, a minute, or even a few seconds of the lore, you will understand the football field time winning a decisive ruling He Qifeng profits.


The ultimate standard and superior quality – it’s La Liga with TAG Heuer Tiger common traits, and both sides shared values ​​must not stop here. Both rich experience in their respective fields, are well versed in the importance of timing accuracy and precision. Both for TAG Heuer Tiger, or La Liga 20 teams in every player, every second is critical, as long as a minute is enough to make a decisive match result of subversion.

With the new partnership, the Swiss watchmaking pioneer for the Spanish Football League injection deeply rooted in the pioneering spirit of the brand concept, in order to inspire every team in the league in the next season, the ensuing 38 games, and every time incentive race “risen to the challenge, self-achievement.”