Vintage Cartier and Rolex Replica Watches Get a California Kick


Just in time for Mother’s Day, what could be better than a classic vintage Cartier or Rolex replica watch with a colorful, California twist?

LaCalifornienne is a new line of men’s and women’s replica watches by Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife team Courtney Ormond, a former wardrobe stylist, and Leszek Garwacki, a longtime watch collector and former financial advisor, who are remaking classic Cartier Tank and Rolex Oyster timepieces in hues inspired by a SoCal sunset. Think aqua blue faces and pink and green striped, vegetable tanned leather straps.

The idea sprung from a less-than-enthusiastically-received birthday gift from husband to wife, a phenomenon to which anyone in a long-term relationship can relate. “Leszek gifted me a replica Cartier Tank with a white face, black Roman numerals and black strap, which was really nice,” Ormond stresses, “But I wanted something more interesting.”

So she put on her fashion cap, and he put on his collector cap (Garwacki had been buying, selling and obsessing about replica watches since he was 5, his first crush being a Tag Heuer) and voila — laCalifornienne was born.


“I had been playing with mix-and-match leather bands on vintage sport replica Rolexes and Omegas,” he says. “And I’m really into stripes,” Ormond explains. “On a Goyard or Louis Vuitton handbag, particularly. In my mind, it was a natural to combine the leather and stripes.”

They source the Tank solo and Oyster models at estate sales and vintage shops (and they are guaranteed with a one-year warranty), straps are handmade from naturally tanned leather, and the stripes hand-painted, all in downtown L.A. And no, sorry, they won’t customize a watch you already own.

“Women buy replica watches like a piece of jewelry, that’s the direction we wanted to take it,” says Garwacki. “The name laCalifornienne is short for La Monde Californienne. It’s about the California girl, California colors on iconic Swiss designs, and the colors of the magic hour when the sun is going down. You can’t stop staring, why not have it on your wrist for more than one hour?”

La Californienne, $325 to $1000, at Elyse Walker and

Our Favorite Men’s Replica Rolex Watches For Women

Everyone knows that there is no other brand that has the same kind of power and recognition as swiss Rolex. And while Rolex (as well as many other brands) have begun to dig deeper into the world of women’s replica watches, there’s just something so special about the way a full-size Rolex sports model works for women that dare to try. It’s a testament to how well the designs are and how enduring the Rolex legacy is no matter whose wrist you find them on. So, in an effort to explore a different (and arguably cooler) angle to women’s fashion, we thought we’d share some of our favorite men’s Rolex models that work just as well for the ladies.


Rolex Submariner Reference 116610LV

Released in 2010 as a special anniversary piece, the replica Rolex Submariner ref. 116610LV has remained as one of the most coveted modern Submariners ever produced. The ceramic paired with the immortalized “Rolex Green” just pops and can pair with anything from a nice summer dress to a casual t-Shirt & jeans look. I’ll never forget being completely stopped in my tracks by a woman in sunny Bal Harbour, Florida who wore it beautifully with a casual spring dress. She rocked it and I felt like hiding my wrist in shame. End of story.


Rolex Cosmograph Daytona In Platinum Reference 116506

A favorite of Ellen Degeneres, who is a huge Daytona fiend, the 50th anniversary Daytona in platinum is one heck of the watch. From the ice blue dial to the chestnut brown bezel, there really is nothing like it. It also hasn’t seen the same swollen lug design change that some of the other sports models have. This makes it wear a bit smaller, which is perfect for versatility within a range of styles.


Rolex Day-Date 40 In Everose Gold

There’s just something special about having a gold swiss Rolex on your wrist. And when it comes replica watches in pink-ish or rose gold tones, fashion brands have really outdone themselves in the way of marketing low-end forgettable pieces to women. The replica Rolex Day-Date 40 In Everose Gold is the big, bold look they seek to emulate while always falling short. The watch is modern, irresistibly stylish, and makes for the perfect lady’s wrist companion.


Rolex Yacht-Master 40 With Oysterflex

The ultimate yacht party or beach vacation watch. After its release at Baselworld 2015, the Yacht-Master 40 with Oysterflex really turned some heads as it brought new variety to the replica Rolex lineup. Although Rolex did announce a 37mm version intended for women, the 40mm just offers a more substantial look that some women often look for in a wristwatch. This is one that be with you every day thanks to the comfort of the band and the watch’s casual yet classy style.

These Are the Ultra-Exclusive Swiss Rolex Watches That Money Can’t Buy


Purchasing a swiss Rolex has long been a rite of passage for successful men everywhere, often the first step toward building a collection worthy of passing down. But an even more select group wear the rarest Rolexes of all on their wrists—watches no amount of money can buy.

These are the world’s top guns in gentlemanly pursuits like sailing, motor racing, exploring and equestrianism, who have “won the watch” in competition, purely on skill and merit.


From a distance, the timepieces might not look that different from what you’d find in a high-end jewelry shop, but turn the watch over and its true character is revealed: the official engraving on the caseback, and especially the magic word, “Winner.”

These prizes are presented in Rolex’s signature dark green leather box, customized with scenes of the sport in question. But the exhilaration comes from the owner’s knowledge of what’s discreetly pressed up against the top of his or her wrist.


The watch isn’t the kind of thing you’d ever sell; its value as an heirloom is worth more than any monetary reward, but just to give you an idea: one Rolex chronograph presented to racecar drivers in the 1940s now brings in over $1 million at auction.

Who’s to say what a modern example might be worth in 75 years. If it ever belonged to a famous driver the sky’s the limit.


Rolex’s ties to the world of sports go deep, part of the brand’s mission to support “individual excellence and the quest for perfection.” They were, after all, designed as the world’s first sports replica watches when Hans Wilsdorf established the company in 1905.

These days Rolex replica awards watches in a range of sporting activities and events. Drive the winning car in the legendary Rolex 24 at Daytona race in Florida, held since 1966 and one leg of the “triple crown” of endurance racing, and you’ll receive the equally iconic timepiece named for it: a Rolex Daytona Cosmograph, the most enviable of all sports watches, engraved with the year and the famed Rolex 24 at Daytona logo.


In other upscale sports like sailing, tennis and equestrian events, prize Oyster Perpetual Fake Rolexes make top-drawer competitions that much more intense, like the venerable New York Yacht Club’s annual Regatta and Race Week in Newport, Rhode Island, where the Submariner Date is up for grabs.

The winner of the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, one of the most prestigious equestrian competitions in the country, takes home a watch every bit as coveted as the trophy itself, the timeless and elegant Datejust.


Rolex also awards watches to the Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year, who receives the Explorer, a model worn by Sir Edmund Hillary when he climbed Everest, and to its Yachtsman of the Year, who gets a very special Yacht-Master. The 2015 recipient, Steve Benjamin, compares winning his watch to medaling at the Olympics—which he’s also done.

As New York Yacht Club’s Vice Commodore Phil Lotz puts it, winning a swiss Rolex “is a universally understood emblem of significant accomplishment.” Worth, in the case of sailing, at least, spending millions on a yacht and crew just to get one.

Eric Clapton’s old Swiss Rolex Daytona watch sells at Stowmarket auction for £34k


The Rolex Daytona watch previously owned by Eric Clapton which was auctioned by Bishop and Miller in Stowmarket

A watch that was once owned by guitar hero Eric Clapton has sold at auction in Stowmarket for £34,000.


Eric Clapton performing at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 2013.

The Rolex Daytona was one of the star lots at the jewellery and watch sale on Saturday, April 1, at Bishop and Miller Auctioneers.

Clapton, a three-time inductee to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, purchased the Rolex Daytona from Watches of Switzerland, London, in May 2014, which happened to be between the tour dates of Atlanta in the USA and Glasgow.

The lot attracted interest from the UK and Germany but it was a Suffolk collector who was the successful bidder, a fan of both Clapton and Rolex replica watches.

An auction price of £34,000, including buyer’s premium, was reached, which the auctioneers said was a “brilliant amount for such a watch”.


Oliver Miller of Stowmarket-based auctioneers firm Bishop and Miller

The watch had been expected to sell for between £30,000 and £50,000.

It was sold with two straps – the original 18 carat gold swiss Rolex strap and, currently attached to the watch, a rubber strap preferred by Clapton which was fitted in Bond Street, London, and made solely to fit the Rolex Daytona model.

Once the watch was changed to his taste, Clapton wore it until it was purchased by a fake Rolex collector towards the end of last year.

It was the first jewellery and fake watch sale by Bishop and Miller Auctioneers and a total of more than 700 lots of fine jewellery and watches were up for grabs.

Oliver Miller, managing director, said: “The auction really was a great success for us, we had a busy auction room right from when we opened the doors at 8.30am that morning, for the whole duration of the day.

“I am so proud of the team here, we held East Anglia’s biggest specialist jewellery and watch sale and the team did an excellent job of making it such a success. We are excited for our next jewellery and watch sale in July.”

Jewellery was also a big seller on the day with exceptional prices being achieved, including £6,500 for an impressive Victorian diamond set star brooch. The brooch had a six-point star with central approximately 1 carat diamond surrounded by a further 60 diamonds.

Rolex Replica The Apple Killer

The Apple Watch strategy has been tweaked, and much of the evidence was on stage at the September 9th event. For all the talk of the Apple Watch being a fashionable status symbol, Tim Cook and his team had to be satisfied with second place after Rolex replica. Apple also changed strategies, no doubt from the lessons learned in the fight against the Swiss replica watch manufacturer.


Watch expert Genki Sakamoto showing a 1958 Rolex Submariner in Hong Kong

The bullet point features of the redesigned Apple Watch include the addition of GPS and waterproofing, both of which push the wearable closer to being a fitness and activity tracker. Of course there will be changes to the chips and the software that increase the battery life and the functionality offered by updated hardware, that’s the natural way of things, but it’s worth nothing that the attachments for the watch straps remains identical.

That’s partly common sense, but as Apple has shown in the past common sense does not always match up with Apple’s vision of the future. If something needs to change (or be removed) Apple will do that (and will likely find a financial upside while doing so). Retaining the ability to use existing Watch Bands on the new smartwatches means that the first- and third-party market for watch bands remains unaffected.

But it’s what was not only missing, but removed from the Apple Watch line-up that brings Cupertino’s new timepiece strategy into focus. Apple dropped the 18-karat gold version of the Apple Watch. In place of the five-figure cost of the high-end fashion accessory, Apple presented a new top-end Apple Watch made from ceramic materials… that costs a magnitude less than the gold timepiece.


The Apple Watch

Apple has never broken out sales figures of the Apple Watch, but I assume that the cheaper Apple watch models sold far more units than the high-end luxury market Apple Replica Watches. Even with the volume of sales at the lower end, Tim Cook’s presentation pointed out that Apple’s entrance into the match market was not a complete success.

Apple was defeated by the biggest name in the business. Swiss Rolex stood proud at number one.


Apple Watch vs Rolex

It did not surprise me that Cook quickly moved on to the next slide that proclaimed the Apple Watch as the number one smartwatch. The latter is true, but the former is far more interesting. Even with the might of Apple, its attempt to break into the luxury market with a high-margin slice of technology – a business model that has seen it succeed with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desk-bound computers – failed.

And Apple’s response to cheap Rolex and its performance in the high-end watch market? To turn away from the status symbol of the luxury priced model and focus on a mix of fitness, fun, and fashion. There’s nothing wrong with that (and it should be noted that a similar approach was taken by Swatch when it started) but it’s one of the few areas where Apple has started a commercial fight and not seen it through.

For me this is a good thing. Apple is happy to push forward and experiment with new ideas, but it should be free to change course if something is not delivering. The Apple Watch is the world’s number one smartwatch, but as yet there is no clear answer to what the public are looking for in a smartwatch. Apple’s corrective action pushes the wearable category away from luxury. The next experiment is to enhance the fitness and activity tracking and see what effect this has.

Rolex may have defeated Apple, but this is one battle where the result has made Apple stronger.

Now read the twenty-one ways Apple changed your world with the iPhone 7.

Rolex replica to retailers: Stop charging premium for hot models


The Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona replica watch was created in 1963. Its 2017 version with a ceramic bezel was being sold $120 above its recommended $180 price at one point.

Rolex has finally moved to end the years-old practice of its authorised Singapore retailers charging customers a premium for the hot Rolex models.

The move by the Swiss luxury replica watch-maker came about as the premiums charged for its Rolex Cosmograph Daytona sports watch hit new highs.

The Business Times understands that Rolex recently sent a letter to its authorised retailers in Singapore, instructing them to stick to the recommended prices from March 1, instead of inflating them, especially for the in-demand models.

Rolex Singapore and Cortina Holdings, one of the two major authorised replica Rolex watch dealers, declined to comment; The Hour Glass, the other major authorised retail chain, did not respond to BT’s query.

Retailers usually offer Rolex customers a discount of up to the recommended cap of 15 per cent, but have been known to hit customers with fatter price tags for the sought-after models.

Such models – in stainless steel rather than gold – are normally those from the brand’s sports and professional collections, such as the Daytona chronographs, the GMT-Master two-time zoners and the Submariner and Sea-Dweller diver’s watches.

Even priced at a premium, they are hard to come by. The waiting period for the hot replica Rolex models can run into years.

It is still possible to buy them at the regular list price, but that is unlikely to happen in Singapore – and you are unlikely to get it immediately.

Customers who put their names on the waiting list with authorised dealers in Switzerland for the latest Daytona model have been told that they may have to wait eight years; the waiting time for this watch in Australia is a little shorter – five years.

The practice of charging a premium for the in-demand models has gone on for years in Singapore. Some 20 years ago, when the retail price of the Daytona was about $80, the fake watch was going for $120 here.

Five years ago, a new Submariner was selling at nearly $300 above its recommended retail price; the premiums for the latest GMT-Master and Sea-Dweller are between $200 to $300.

The premiums for the new Daytona, launched last year with a new ceramic bezel, have hit record highs in Singapore, say retailers. Its list price is under $180, but it was being sold for up to $300 at one point. The premium price then settled at around $270 – and that was if stock was even available.

After Rolex’s letter ordering an end to the practice, the premium price fell to $200 as authorised retailers tried to make extra money before the March 1 deadline.

Although the move to stop authorised retailers from charging these premiums is obviously bad news for retailers and good news for customers, industry observers say it may also mean that it will be harder for customers to buy what they desire. Without the premium, customers previously deterred by it will now join the queue to buy the watch.

Other observers say it will be difficult for swiss Rolex to police the practice of selling above the list price.

Su Jia Xian, the publisher of swiss watch-collecting website, said: “Enforcement will be tough.

“There are always ways around it, for instance selling the desirable watches like the Daytona at official retail price to clients who also buy the less popular items,” he added.

Rolex’s move will also affect the grey market, though not directly. But observers are split on how grey dealers will be touched.

Some say they will lose customers to authorised retailers, who now have to adhere to the recommended price list. Others say the grey market can still get away with charging higher prices for the most desired models.

One Of The Rarest Replica Rolex References Of Them All

Watch auctions have evolved from relatively staid events for die-hard collectors into ever increasingly well-hyped media events for the ultra-wealthy.

And while that’s not a bad thing in itself, the excited rhetoric, stratospherically high estimates, and hammer prices often attract attention away from the replica watches themselves, making it easy to lose track of what made these watches so desirable in the first place.

So now that the dust has settled on the recent Phillips Start-Stop-Reset auction of stainless steel chronographs in Geneva, which saw all 88 of its lots sold, I’d like to focus on a watch that I thought stood out from the very strong field.


Rolex Oyster Zerograph monopusher flyback chronograph Reference 3346 from 1937

In the spirit of go big or go home, let’s look at one of the most desirable timepieces ever to come up at auction: a replica Rolex Reference 3346 in stainless steel from 1937.

This Rolex was lot 36 in the 2016 Phillips Start-Stop-Reset auction, and it ended up hammering for 389 Swiss francs at the May sale.

This is what makes this 80-year-old timepiece so desirable:

  • It’s one of the rarest Rolex references ever with only this one model having surfaced
  • It was the very first Rolex chronograph in an Oyster case.
  • It was a calibrated rotating bezel, the template for all Rolex sports watches that followed.


Rolex Oyster Zerograph monopusher flyback chronograph Reference 3346 from 1937

This flyback chronograph was the most complicated movement that cheap Rolex had ever made at the time, is was developed in-house and was patented.

It is the only flyback chronograph that swiss Rolex has ever made.

It also happens to be the very first Oyster-cased chronograph that Rolex has ever made.


Rolex Oyster Zerograph monopusher flyback chronograph Reference 3346 from 1937

It includes the very first revolving bezel Rolex replica outfitted a watch with. This feature would not become a serial element at the brand until the 1950s.

Its California dial is a feature that is found on only one of two Rolex models. Ever.

The hammer price of 389 Swiss francs was near the middle of its estimate, which was between 250 and 500 Swiss francs.


Rolex Oyster Zerograph monopusher flyback chronograph Reference 3346 from 1937

For more information, please visit

I’d like to thank Paul Boutros and Alex Ghotbi from Phillips for their help in helping to select this exceptional and interesting piece from an auction consisting entirely of exceptional and interesting pieces.

The Everyday Elegance Of The Swiss Rolex Datejust

For decades the Rolex Datejust has been the watch of choice of people who wanted a robust, reliable and precise timepiece that did not compromise when it came to luxury, craftsmanship, and individual taste. The Datejust has been all of this since its conception in 1945, the year that Rolex replica celebrated its 40th anniversary. The Datejust was groundbreaking from the beginning, being the first self‑winding wrist chronometer that showed the date in a window on the dial. It created the mold to which still many replica watches are created today.


Initially, that date window was missing something that many now see as a signature feature of the Datejust: the cyclops lens. In 1954 Rolex first fitted the Datejust with a crystal that had this small magnifier build in, increasing the convenience of the watch even more. In 1957 the men’s version was joined by the Lady-Datejust, which offered the same package yet in a slightly smaller diameter.


Key to Success

Key to the success of the cheap Rolex Datejust has always been its versatility. Future owners have a nearly endless array of options when it comes to dial, bezel, and bracelet choices. While some might prefer a steel case, and a steel Oyster bracelet combined with a plain bezel and understated dial, others opt for a precious metal case and bracelet, perhaps even with a diamond setting. The Datejust can go either way and delivers both extremes with that famous swiss Rolex quality, as well as that signature look.


Evolution over Revolution

Throughout its existence, the Datejust remained faithful to its original size of 36mm in diameter. It wasn’t until 2009 that Rolex introduced the Datejust II, for which the diameter grew to 41mm. This also made the watch an option for those who prefer a larger watch, yet Rolex kept the regular sized Datejust in production as well for those who preferred the watch in its classic diameter.


Over the years the Datejust evolved, but never went through a revolution. Born way ahead of its time it also never needed it. Rolex focussed mainly on improving the movement over the years, like the introduction of the hacking second mechanism in 1972. Because the cheap Rolex Datejust stayed to close to its original DNA, it has maintained its status of a watchmaking benchmark up until today, and probably extends this too far into the future.

Meet the Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King – Fit for a King

The watch many true Rolex followers have been waiting for is here. The Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King, a substantial re-introduction of an old classic, may have been upstaged at BaselWorld 2016 by its better-known siblings the Daytona and Explore, but this is the sleeping giant.

The 40mm watch, which pays tribute to its aviation roots, is at once both attractive and technically advanced. The replica rolex watch holds the brand’s Superlative Chronometer Certification, meaning that the movement not only undergoes rigorous testing to pass the COSC standards, but also undergoes further testing in the Rolex workshops after being cased.


Rolex Air-King

Crafted in 904L steel (all Rolex steel replica watches are made of this steel), the distinctive watch features a black dial with three large numerals (3,6,9) and a bold minute scale that counts out 5, 10, 20, 25, etc. instead of the traditional numbers. The best thing about the dial, though, is the Air-King name – written in original 1950’s Air-King typeface — prominently placed and written in bright green.

Back in the 1930’s, Rolex was highly involved in the world of aviation and exploration, and the Replica Rolex Oyster accompanied a number of pioneers on their endeavors, including being used on the first flight over Mount Everest (at altitudes higher than 33,000 feet) by the Houston Expedition in 1933. The new watch pays homage to those adventures with its technical advances that include a high degree of anti-magnetism (thanks to an escape wheel made of a nickel-phosphorous alloy), 100 meters of water resistance (thanks to the Twinlock water-proof system), and high-precision caliber.


The water-resistant watch features a high-precision movement and carries Rolex’s advanced Superlative Chronometer status.

In fact the Caliber 3131 self-winding mechanical movement has been developed in house and is equipped with a patented Parachrom hairspring in the oscillator. Parachrom is an alloy exclusive to Swiss Rolex that possess extreme stability when exposed to temperature variations, shocks and more. The case is a monobloc with screw-down case back and crown, and the fake watch is fitted with an Oyster bracelet. The watch also offers an alluring Chromalight display that exudes a blue luminescence for easy night reading. Maybe best of all: a retail price tag of $160 — that is even better than its Explorer brother.


The dial of the Air-King is impressive with its bold green name and the unusual minutes counter.

Roberta Naas is founder of A Timely Perspective; Watch Seduction (for women); and author of six books on replica watches.

Swiss Rolex CSR: A race of precision, only for the brave


The crew of Alive adjust their mast for the start of the Rolex China Sea Race on Holy Wednesday. Alive cracked the 16-year record in winning the prestigious Rolex Trophy (inset) for line honors. Black Baza won on corrected time.

MANILA, Philippines – In one of the most exciting finishes since race tracking came into play, Phillip Turner’s RP66, Alive claimed Line Honors in the 2016 Swiss Rolex China Sea Race, establishing new norms in what is considered the ultimate blue-water offshore sailing event in Asia.

Alive finished the 55 nautical mile race from Hong Kong to Subic Bay on Good Friday in 47 hours, 31 minutes, 8 seconds, 11 minutes, 59 seconds inside Beau Geste’s record during the millennium edition.

As did the other 32 boats that started off Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor on Holy Wednesday, Alive made very slow progress, but as the boats plowed the open sea, the breeze kicked in, giving the big and small boats leeway to sail where the wind could push them on their way to Subic Bay.

Alive chose to veer south to stay off the coast and set up a more westerly approach to Subic Bay, while MACH2, its closest rival, took the inside line. The tactics paid off for Phillip Turner. While MACH2 sat in the dreaded Luzon hole for five hours, Alive benefited first from the mid-morning sea breeze and, had the northeast monsoon not taken four hours to set in, she could have sliced more off the record.

“The race was fairly good for us. We managed to stay ahead of the bad weather, which I gather some of the smaller boats were having. It’s a good way to go sailing. Several times in the night, we commented how great it was – we were doing 17 to 18 knots under a full moon. They say ‘start well, finish well’ … well we finished,” said Stacey Jackson.

Steve Manning’s Ker42 Black Baza lifted the Rolex Replica China Sea Race Trophy for corrected time on IRC handicap.

Black Baza finished in the early hours of Holy Saturday morning after just over 60 hours of racing.

The Rolex China Sea Race, sponsored by Replica Rolex Watches since 1962, is a biennial 565-nautical mile race from Hong Kong, through the South China Sea, to an imaginary finish line in Subic Bay.

“As the crown in sailing for over 50 years, Rolex is proud to be a major force at play behind yachting’s finest events, players and organizations. Whether supporting extreme challenges such as the ultra-competitive Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and the Rolex Fastnet Race, or maintaining tradition with the glamorous Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, Fake Rolex has cultivated a privileged relationship with the elite world of yachting,” said the Rolex management.

Leading brand of the Swiss replica watches industry, Rolex, headquartered in Geneva, enjoys an unrivalled reputation for quality and expertise the world over. Its Oyster watches, all certified as chronometers for their precision, are symbols of excellence, performance and prestige.

Pioneer in the development of the wristwatch as early as 1905, the brand is at the origin of numerous major watchmaking innovations, such as the Oyster, the first waterproof wristwatch, launched in 1926, and the Perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism introduced in 1931. Rolex has registered over 400 patents in the course of time.