Patek Philippe replica Reference 1518 actually will appear at auction

This spring auction season, Fu Yi Andean auction record-setting, only two sales turnover had reached nearly $ 53 million. November 12, 2016 to 13, Fu Yi Andean (Phillips) auction in conjunction with Bacs & Russo will host the fourth Geneva replica watches auction.

Patek Philippe replica Reference 1518


Patek Philippe replica Reference 1518 watch stainless steel models will be coming out of the legendary Fu Yi Andean fourth Geneva auction. Reference 1518 produced from the 1940s to the 1950s, the industry’s first series production with perpetual calendar chronograph. Reference 1518 is a revolutionary breakthrough in watchmaking, representing the highest level of technology at the time.
For many collectors, lifelong dream is to have a Reference 1518 watch. Historically, Patek Philippe replica produced a total of 281 Reference 1518 watch, the vast majority of gold material, and another part of the rose gold, has only a lucky few can touch and count it as their own collections crown pearl.
Patek Philippe Reference 1518 replica watches in stainless steel models for experienced collectors, like Mount Everest to climbers. Presently known stainless steel models Reference 1518 There are four, three of which had at one time in the auction, the last time there appeared stainless steel models Reference 1518 auction, or ten years ago. This is a November auction Fu Yi Andean provided, had also never been involved in any public auction. Since the 1990s, it was rediscovered While stainless steel models Reference 1518 watch has always belonged to private collections, before making valuation of more than three million dollars (about twenty million yuan).
Mid-20th century, the complex Patek Philippe watch production, the stainless steel is the most unusual case material (taking into account the mounting movement often has a very high value). For many people in the industry, the stainless steel models Patek Philippe watch is the most complex features unique collections. Thus, these watches create and break the world record after another, it is not surprising.