An Impressive Replica Watch – IWC Big Pilot Review

It is simply an overkill of a watch and I love overkills. This IWC replica watch has virtually everything you can think of in a watch and everything is delivered with such a clever use of space.

This fake IWC watch is not about glamor or style per se, it is all about functionality and what it can do rather than how it appears. The glass even has anti reflexive coating on either side so it certainly won’t catch the eye from afar but the wearer will not be able to do without it after a while of wearing it. So, let’s get started in dissecting this IWC replica watch.

Looks and Feel


This fake IWC watch is almost entirely black and it’s the type of black that is not shiny almost like matte black but not quite. All the black is only broken by the red markings on the dial and all four of the sub-dials. Amazing, isn’t it? Four sub-dials in one watch and it even has a window for the year.

The sub-dial on the right shows both the days of the month and a week recorder. The sub-dial below indicates the month of the year. The sub-dial on the left indicates what day of the week it is and also a 60 seconds chronograph. Finally, the sub-dial at the top is a dual perpetual moon phase display for both the northern and southern hemispheres. All markings on the dial and sub-dials are red in color but in consistence with the texture of the watch, the red is not glittering but subdued. The hour and minute are black with red insets. To cap it all off, there is a year display window which has four digits. This IWC replica watch is clearly one for the ages. The watch does not have a bezel and the crown is just one to control and adjust all these features. There is no way to tell that it is a fake IWC because the original design is simple to replicate on the outside but difficult on the inside.



The original IWC watch has a caliber 51614 mechanical movement but the IWC Big Pilot replica has a Japanese Miyota mechanical movement which is almost equally as reliable and accurate. The mechanism is all within the watch and there is no way to tell that the replica is a fake IWC. The original is said to have a power reserve of up to a week!

The Fold


Strap or bracelet is made of fabric and lined with leather. It is also the termination of black and stainless steel folding clasp. Behind the case there is an insinuating inscription on the insignia and the US Army, which explains why a lot of tables for practical use are built over a declaration as a fashion. The original IWC waterproof up to 6 pressure but fake IWC also resistant to water but without any level of water pressure. Still, I would recommend keeping it away from water anyway. I’m so impressed by this watch that I’ve decided I will be doing more IWC replica watches reviews in the future.