The Beautiful Racing Chronograph Watch – Omega Speedmaster Replica Review

I’ll be doing an Omega Speedmaster replica review. This is a watch that is somewhat similar to the spiritual avenger Seawolf when you look at all its features and overall design. However, this high-quality fake Omega watch Speedmaster racing chronometer stands out is that it immediately makes it easier when you wear it in a statement that catches the eye. It really is a good mix of flashy and class-to-class relationships. Let’s continue with this Omega watch replica Speedmaster Racing Review.


Looks and Feel

Probably the most unique thing you’ll see on this watch in this Omega Speedmaster replica video review is the position of the date window. It is very unusual and different. The date window is actually located within the lower 12 hour chronograph. Even though this is something that separates this watch from others, it makes it a little difficult to tell the date if you’ve not gotten used to seeing the date window in that position. This feature has been faithfully replicated in the fake Omega Speedmaster version.


Other features worthy of mention in this Omega Speedmaster replica review are the three sub-dials; one for seconds, another for 30 minutes and the last one for hours. The chrome stainless steel crown is engraved with the Omega logo and is flanked on either side by two highly polished stainless steel crowns. The bezel is also stainless steel and has a nice tachymetric ring. The watch is 52mm by 44mm with a black dial color although there are white versions as well.



The next feature of note to be mentioned in this Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph replica video review is the movement. The Omega Speedmaster uses a Japanese Quartz movement which is a step down from the exclusive and reliable co-axial Caliber 3330 that powers the original. Despite this fact, you still won’t find better replica watches Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph on any other Omega replica watches Speedmaster Racing  review.

The Fold

Finally, in this Omega Speedmaster replica video review, we look at how this watch looks when worn and I have to say, it really looks great on the wrist. The rubber strap does not seem out of place and in fact is very consistent with the overall design of the watch. The strap is 185mm in length and 22mm wide and it features a stainless steel push-release hook-buckle clasp with Omega engraving at its end. The back of the watch is a brushed stainless steel snap-in back engraved with the word Speedmaster and the Omega Speedmaster logo.

If you browse other omegaSpeedmaster racing chronographs to copy video reviews, I’m sure you’ll find the same highly acclaimed good watch. Its manufacturing quality is top quality. Mechanism perfect, it really is a fashionable work. My personal credit rating will be 8 to 8.5 out of 10.