Essential Facts About The Swiss Rolex 5-Year Guarantee

Rolex has always been proud of the durability and longevity of its timepieces. And in an increasingly competitive market, the brand with the crown in its logo made a big move in 2015 to confirm its leading position with the new replica Rolex five-year guarantee.

The novel guarantee period will be extended from two to five years on all replica watches purchased from an authorized Rolex retailer on and after July 1, 2015. This is two-and-a-half times longer than the two-year guarantee that was previously offered, and miles ahead of most other watch brands.

However, as there is no official communication on this, it might be a tad difficult to understand how to take advantage. So here is some help with the most frequently asked questions I’ve encountered.


Rolex Day-Date 40 in platinum

What happens if you purchased a fake Rolex prior to July 1, 2015? Can you still take advantage?

The short answer is no. That said, if you have purchased a swiss Rolex between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2015, you will be granted one additional year on top of your current two-year guarantee for a total of three years.

How does this compare to the rest of the industry’s guarantees?

Like the original Rolex guarantee, most Swiss and German replica watch brands currently offer a two-year plan. There are exceptions, however.

Omega replica watches have a few different guarantee periods depending on the type of movement in the watch. Omega offers a two-year guarantee on quartz movements, three years on ETA-based calibers, and four years on the in-house co-axial movement.

Ulysse Nardin, for instance, has a two-year guarantee but offers an additional year if you register your watch on the Ulysse Nardin website.

Bremont, though not Swiss, has always offered a generous three-year guarantee right out of the gate with online registration as well.

Rolex is the first quality replica watch brand to offer a five-year guarantee. Bedat and Casio both offer five-year guarantees, but on inexpensive quartz movements. Fossil has an eleven-year guarantee, but again on quartz, and at those prices the client can simply be shipped a new watch without much pecuniary damage to the company.

Compared to these examples, Rolex’s move is far more significant.


Rolex Oyster GMT Master II

What does this mean for the industry?

It’s no secret that every brand would love to have the brand-name strength and power that Rolex replica watches does. I’ve never spoken to a retailer who wouldn’t drop everything they have to become an authorized retailer of Rolex timepieces.

What most people perhaps don’t know is that Swiss Rolex also offers an extended two-year guarantee on replica watches where it has performed a complete and official service maintenance. Naturally, this is voided if a third, non-Rolex-authorized party has meddled with the parts or accessories.

My bet is that we will see a lot of brands lengthen their guarantee periods in the near future as a result of this move.

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Swiss Rolex in the Movies: The Action Timepiece

It’s the most celebrated, the most special, the most significant watch of all time; Rolex is symbolic of many things in the movies: style, wealth, attitude, and perhaps most importantly, taste. That is not to say a replica Rolex is elitist, but rather that the wearer on screen, anyone from James Bond to Steve McQueen, is someone possessed of the knowledge that there is no better. Rolex is the pinnacle.

The history of Rolex replica on film is not nearly as interesting as the scope of its wearers and how this simple act of either discreet or ostentatious display can define character. Take James Bond, a man whose breeding was forced upon him; he developed taste and nurtured it. Roger Moore’s incarnation of 007, the most overlooked style wise, is 100% a fake Rolex customer – even if his custom Submariner in Live and Let Die (1971) was modified somewhat by Q Branch. Sorry, but you will not find a factory fresh Sub that fires a laser beam – well not this side of Christmas anyway (although the prop version does have a spinning ‘buzz saw’ bezel, should you find yourself dangling above a shark tank). It’s not all about exclusivity and cost though. Rolexes are more affordable now than they’ve ever been. Despite sponsoring the likes of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which is, let’s face it, the posher end of the sporting scale, Rolex has always enjoyed blue collar ‘made it’ connotations. Steve McQueen was a customer off screen and on and is unquestionably cinema’s lifetime poster boy for earthy masculinity. McQueen’s, for want of a better term, rival, Paul Newman apparently first chose a cheap Rolex (a Daytona) for his indy race movie Winning (1969). Both of these guys are what we want Rolex to make us: legitimate men.


Steve McQueen wearing a Rolex Submariner 5512 on the set of The Hunter (1980), his final acting role.

Yet before I move off James Bond entirely, because his Rolex associations could take up an entire post and then some, it’s worth mentioning Sean Connery’s initial Submariner kicking off the whole affiliation in Dr. No (1962). Plus the same, albeit updated, model for most of his tenure. Also Moore’s stunning (and judiciously ogled) Sub for The Man with the Golden Gun (1975). Once again, the symbolism is clear; Bond wears a swiss Rolex because his entire life is spent in pursuit of the best – of winning. The best car, the best girls, the best food, wine, and of course, wristwatch. Recently, Omega has been 007’s timepiece of choice. Although being as he also drinks Heineken now, maybe the character’s zenith was achieved long before Daniel Craig was out of short trousers (and into short shorts).

A lesser known appearance of Rolex on film occurs in Get Carter (1971), with Michael Caine wearing an Oyster Datejust. Caine’s seminal bastard gangster Jack Carter has left his hometown in Newcastle to play with the big boys in London. He has money, does Jack, but is not flash. His quietly seventies suits are by Doug Hayward, his black leather loafers just sporting the merest hint of lairy snaffle. A relatively discreet Datejust in yellow gold is just a thin layer of icing on top of an already elegantly unsugared cake. Caine’s Carter is not rugged, not like McQueen and Newman, but is no less masculine. Anyone who can walk into a Northern pub in the 1970s with a southern accent and loudly proclaim by clicking his fingers, that he wants a pint of bitter “in a thin glass” is tough enough to be watch buddies with cinema’s greatest speed demons and hell raisers, make no mistake.


Roger Moore wearing a 5513 Submariner in Live and Let Die (1973), demonstrating that even an all action Rolex needs some downtime.

The Oyster Perpetual Submariner is likely the swiss Rolex that most people who do not own a Rolex have actually heard of, which is mainly due to James Bond. Yet cinema in general embraced the Submariner as the ‘go to’ Rolex of choice throughout the sixties and seventies. And, really, anything that came from these eras is now cool simply after the fact. Consider these names and these movies, and tell me you’ve not wanted to be at least one guy on this list – and yes, all are Submariner wearers: Rod Taylor in The Liquidator (1965), Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws (1975), Robert Redford in All the President’s Men (1976), Nick Nolte in The Deep (1977) and Robert De Niro in The Deer Hunter (1978). Most of these guys wore a Sub for function as well as aesthetic. Don’t buy a replica Rolex to sit at home admiring it in a glass case; get out there and sweat in the thing. After all, this is a watch built to be far stronger than you are.

Similarly the Rolex Daytona, basically from the mid-sixties referred to the ‘Paul Newman Daytona’ was worn as a racing timepiece. Nowadays we covet such replica watches and cherish them, and for an original example the price alone makes this coddling understandable. But Newman was a racer – he pursued action, which is ultimately the cheap Rolex M.O. Buy one but don’t just pretend to be a badass, do what your cinematic heroes before you did and become one. When you finally hand that gloriously expensive and exclusive Rolex replia down to your grabby-handed son, make sure you can tell him where each and every scratch came from. You want a Rolex from the movies? Wear it like the movies. Live it.

Bamford and Feld Volk Customize a Series of Rolex Replica Watches


For their latest release, Bamford Watch Department has joined forces with customizers and modifiers Feld & Volk on a series of new designs. The collection of watch face styles was created using a top-end carbon fiber, in turn combining ground-breaking techniques and visionary aesthetics.

Feld & Volk’s team of expert machinists and precision tools fashioned the clock faces from a single piece of polished carbon fiber with a diagonal structure. The overall thickness has then been reduced, as each piece in turn obtains a stunning glow. The markers and other elements have been cut out of a single piece of carbon fiber, while the main body of each timepiece has been enhanced with BWD’s own military-grade titanium coating.


Bamford and Feld & Volk’s first edition of replica watches includes five distinct designs, each of which have been framed around the replica Rolex Milgauss and Daytona, scheduled to hit retailers as well as BWD and Feld & Volk this month.


Just months ago, Bamford created a “Snoopy” Rolex Datejust exclusively for colette.

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Swiss Rolex, Tag Heuer and Omega roll out ladies’ dive watches


Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer in full black ceramic diamond bezel is water-resistant to 300 metres.

You can tell more women are taking up deep sea diving by glancing at the list of luxury replica watches manufacturers rushing to release suitably feminine watches for this sport.

Rolex replica is probably best known for waterproofing its watches, giving the name “Oyster” to models that feature a screw-down case back and screw-down twin-locking crown. So even though a Lady Oyster Perpetual Datejust isn’t a designated dive watch, it will take you down to 100 metres.

Rolex also offers the 37mm Yachtmaster, a handsome chronometer in polished rolesium with a 60-minute graduated bezel in platinum. The men’s Rolex Submariner has long been popular with young women and easily adjusts to a smaller wrist.

Many other options combine flair with form, including Replica Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer models in 27mm, 32mm and 35mm cases, water-resistant to 300 metres, with touches including mother-of-pearl dials and rotating bezels with clear numbers to help you keep an eye on dive times.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yachtmaster Everose.

Omega’s Seamaster Aqua Terra Ladies Collection offers a 34mm model in gold, steel or a mix, good for 150 metres below, and with diamonds dotting the hour markers and bezel. These replica watches sport upgraded internals too – a self-winding master-coaxial movement that has a four-year warranty.

There Is A Male Engagement Ring For Rolex


I felt like a genius when I bought my husband his birthday gift early. A leather iPhone case, with a pocket for his credit card. What a great wife! But a few days later over frozen entrées, Mike said, “Forty-five feels like a big birthday.” He generally treats his birthday with the reverence the average person gives Arbor Day.

“Oh,” I said. “Well, sure. Okay. What do you want for your present?”

Eyes cast down at his Amy’s burrito, he said: “A Rolex.”

He immediately buried those two words under a long string of “Just kidding”s and “Promise you won’t”s. I mentally threw the iPhone case into a Dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant.

I’ve never really understood the Rolex phenomenon. I love watches, but I gravitate toward leather bands and delicate faces like Michael Cera’s.

But, undeniably, there’s something to Rolex Replica—something that makes them worthy of coveting. The iconic aspect. That crown logo that lurks in the background of Wimbledon matches. Roger Federer is a spokesman for Rolex. Who’s classier than Federer? I bet he’s never heard of frozen burritos.


The thing about Federer, though, is he’s rich as shit. I knew Rolexes cost a lot, but I didn’t know how much “a lot” was until I went on their website. They don’t list prices, which is always a bad sign. Some Googling revealed that even the lowest-tier Rolex would take me close to a five-figure purchase, more than I’ve ever spent on something I wasn’t planning to actually live in.

Trying to justify the expense, I imagined Mike one day passing it on to our baby son. Since it’s a gift for two people, it’s actually only half the price! I also sought reassurance from my pal James, who confirmed that Rolexes seize men with a push-pull of guilt and fascination: It’s a beautiful gizmo that radiates status and achievement, but whose price point gives guys a stomachache. Rolexes, I realized, are engagement rings for dudes—the main difference being that most women would absolutely buy a diamond solitaire for themselves but can’t; men are free to buy a Swiss Rolex for themselves but just won’t.

So that left me as the only person who could convince my husband it was all right to want this replica watch, in the form of actually getting it for him. But I still needed help figuring out which kind of Rolex guy he was.

“The difference between the Submariner and Datejust models is elegance v adventure,” James texted. “Which does Mike need more of in his life?”

I pictured Mike changing a thousand poop diapers over the past ten months. Did that leave a bigger deficit of adventure or elegance? I needed a big gun, which is how I ended up chatting with Jim Moore, the longtime creative director of this magazine.

The first thing Jim talked me out of was a white dial. Mike usually wears a black one. “Doesn’t he want something different?” I asked. Jim assured me that men like a uniform. He also said that while the Submariner is great, the Air-King, with its lower price point and humbler profile, was a more confident choice. It’s a male-psychology thing: While guys might not call out a Submariner, Air-Kings get compliments all the time. It’s why no dude ever tells Brad Pitt, “You have a pretty wife.”

Ultimately, I made the decision the way one should make all important choices: I went on Internet forums to see what anonymous randos had to say. Across message boards, the Submariner is the most primally loved Fake Rolex. And almost every thread singing its praises contained a photo: Steve McQueen in a denim shirt, sunglasses, necklace, and scruff, flashing his Submariner. Fucking fuck, McQueen was cool. And if the Submariner was cool enough for McQueen, what can you do?

Happy birthday, Mike. You’re not Steve McQueen, but you’re the guy who schlepped 12 suitcases through the airport when we moved across the country and emerged through security laughing even though your finger was profusely bleeding from getting caught in the stroller as you stuffed it through the X-ray. Which means you’re even hotter than Steve McQueen. I love you. And I hope you love this watch.

Rare Rolex replica watch bought 50 years ago for £19 is now set to make its owner over £100


A rare Rolex replica watch which was bought 50 years ago for £19 is now set to sell for more than £100

A rare Rolex replica watch which was bought 50 years ago for £19 is now set to make its owner more than £100. The 1963 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, a stainless steel bracelet watch with a special explorer dial, is one of only a handful of its type which were sold at the time.

Earlier this year, a similar model sold for £192. Now another owner is putting his fake watch on the market, and hopes to secure a six-figure sum. The pensioner, who did not want to be named, has owned the watch since 1963, when his wife bought it for him for £19.10 – around £100 in today’s money – to celebrate the birth of their first child.

In 1963, the cost of a top flight football season ticket was £8.50 and the average cost of a house was £250. The man wore it regularly for decades, until he realised the watch’s value and decided to put it away for safe keeping. The owner had a lucky escape after he got it serviced 20 years ago when he asked for the watchmaker to change the dial.

But the company was unable to do the work. He later found out the repair would have knocked 95 per cent off the value. The Swiss Rolex is now being sold by auctioneers Gardiner Houlgate of Corsham, Wiltshire. As provenance is very important with original watches, the seller has included two photographs of him with his young children wearing the watch in 1967 and 1977. His children are now in their forties and their inheritance had to be re-evaluated when he realised the Rolex promised to his son was going to be far more valuable than the jewellery earmarked for his daughter.


The 1963 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, a stainless steel bracelet watch with a special submariner explorer dial, is one of only a handful of its type which were sold at the time. The unnamed owner is pictured wearing the watch in 1977.


Earlier this year, a similar model sold for £192. Now another owner is putting his watch on the market, and hopes to secure a six-figure sum. He is pictured wearing the watch in 1967.

His son plans to buy a modern Rolex with some of the proceeds, while the remainder of the money will be divided between the children. David Hare, from Gardiner Houlgate, said: We previously sold a fake Rolex that was a very similar model which made a world record price for auction of £192 and the following day I had a phone call from this vendor saying he had one the same. They are quite rare so I asked if he was sure and then went to collect it. This one isn’t quite the same – it was made a year later and there is a slight variation of the dial – but it is still very rare. Some people might look at it and think it’s only a £300 fake Rolex but it’s the submariner explorer dial that makes it so rare. And provenance is so important, you can’t put a value on that.


The pensioner, who did not want to be named, has owned the watch since 1966, when his wife bought it for him for £19.10 to celebrate the birth of their first child.

He added: ‘The owner’s wife bought it for him new in 1966 to celebrate the birth of their first child. And we’ve got these great old pictures that show him wearing it over the years.’ Mr Hare added that it was lucky the dial had now been changed. ‘The funny thing is he had a service on it about 25 years ago and he wrote and complained saying “why haven’t you changed the dial and given me a nice clean one”,’ he said.

I pointed out to him that if they had replaced the dial the watch would only be worth £50 to £100 so he should find their details and write them a letter thanking them. There is still a kudos with Swiss Rolex, it’s the buzz word with replica watches. We’ve had interest from Hong Kong, New York, Australia so we expect it to do well. The watch was bought from watch dealers Perry Greaves of Birmingham in 1963 and is being sold with its original box and purchase receipt. The watch will be sold on Wednesday.

Swiss Rolex, Patek Philippe and the Dalai Lama


The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet is probably not the first name that comes to mind when thinking about high-end replica watches. However, as it turns out, the leader of the Buddhist faith does have a penchant for repairing and collecting fine old timepieces.

We can certainly understand the fascination.

The Dalai Lama is best known for being the ‘King in Exile’, for speaking out on environmental issues, for his humble spiritual guidance and his charming giggles in public. Many people, from many different backgrounds love and appreciate his work.

Concealed under those familiar maroon and yellow robes, though, is a secret passion for replica watches. The rare timepieces on his wrist are most often hidden from view, and fitted with inexpensive stretch wristbands. He certainly doesn’t wear them for show. It seems to be more of a curiosity than a status symbol, though he has been photographed with at least two different models on his wrist – Swiss Rolex and Patek Philippe.


Of course his main objective in life has been to lead the Tibetan people to freedom via peaceful means, for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1989. But on the rare occasion when he has a moment to himself, he loves tinkering, particularly with the delicate movements of mechanical replica watches and clocks.

In fact the Dalai Lama loves all kinds of mechanical things. He once stated that if he had not become a monk, he would have been an engineer. Ever since he was a child he loved taking apart mechanical things, and had a knack for putting them back together again, including the only three cars in Tibet at the time.

In the Hollywood Movie Seven Years in Tibet, starring Brad Pitt as Heinrich Harrer, the Dalai Lama and watches form an integral part of the plot.

There is an incident where Harrer cons his fellow escapee out of an expensive watch, and much later in the movie he finds the same watch in a market somewhere, and sends it back to the original owner as a gift. It is a symbol of the change of heart that he has undergone.

In the dramatic movie the young Dalai Lama is also shown tinkering with all manner of small mechanical things – a lifelong passion of his.

The first replica watch that the Dalai Lama received as a gift was from US President Franklin Roosevelt: a Patek Philippe. He was only seven or eight years old at the time. In an interview with Patek Philippe magazine (Issue Number 8, Fall 2000) the Dalai Lama explains:

“The Second War was still going on, and the Allies wanted to make a road over Tibet from Assam, in India, to China. So two American military representatives came with a letter from President Roosevelt and a box containing a gold watch. A Patek Philippe. I was very excited. It was a very beautiful, very smart model. I still have it and it still works.”

No doubt it has been opened and dismantled more than once in it’s lifetime.

Some sleuthing from the guys at leading watch-blog Hodinkee, his watch is most likely a replica Patek Phillipe Perpetual Calendar Ref. 1526 from around 1942.


Besides this cherished first watch, His Holiness has also been photographed in public wearing a Rolex Day-Date and this two tone Rolex Datejust with a jubilee bracelet. I can only speculate what his collection might be worth should it ever go up on auction.

The Dalai Lama might be a fan of fine swiss replica watches, but let’s not forget his wise words when it comes to the best use of our time:

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.” – The Dalai Lama

This Swiss Rolex Is the Perfect Fusion of a Vintage and a Modern Submariner


While being able to apply crazy colors and other attention seeking customizations to your Rolex replica watch might have been the name of the game in the past, right now it seems like subtle hints at past models of the storied replica watchmaker are more en vogue. Bamford Watch Department has recently presented its classic Rolex Submariner series, as well as its Heritage Daytona Series, and today we can present another great addition by Tempus Machina Watches.

Tempus Machina Watch Company presents the launch of it’s ref 809H watch. Following up on its success of the ref 216A big crown that paid homage to the famous ref 6538 “Bond” watch, the 809H honors another classic replica Rolex Submariner – the pointed crown guard 5512 Submariner from the early 1960s.


As usual Tempus Machina produced a respectful fusion of the current 114060 Rolex Replica Submariner, adding design details of the PCG 5512. “The ‘3,6,9’ explorer gilt dial is fabricated using old-world techniques which result in true negative-relief gilt that is a hallmark of the early submariners. The lugs of the modern ceramic sub has been slightly thinned to create a more appropriate profile. Lugholes are drilled and sharp bevels are applied to the mid-case.”

The Tempus Machina Watch Company cheap Rolex Submariner 809H is limited to only 30 units, and now available for $125.

Consul General of Qatar Replica Rolex Watches Crime Caper


An international jewelry heist is over — at least partially — and the break in the case came when a very expensive piece of jewelry broke.

Faisal Abdulla Al Henzab — the Consul General of Qatar — became a crime victim back in 2013, when thieves broke into his L.A. house and stole more than $48k in jewelry and watches belonging to him and his wife.

The case went cold for a few years, but a $20k women’s replica Rolex belonging to the Consul General’s wife turned up recently at the Rolex replica watch service center in Bev Hills.

So here’s how the case was cracked. The Consul General smartly had serial numbers for the stolen watches, and the Bev Hills detective notified cheap Rolex and had the digits entered into the computer system. Someone from the service facility flagged the watch as stolen.


The good news … the Consul General’s wife got the replica watches back. Bad news … the other jewelry is still missing and the suspects haven’t been caught. The LAPD obtained a search warrant for the info that will lead them to the person who brought the watch in for repair.