Swiss Rolex CSR: A race of precision, only for the brave


The crew of Alive adjust their mast for the start of the Rolex China Sea Race on Holy Wednesday. Alive cracked the 16-year record in winning the prestigious Rolex Trophy (inset) for line honors. Black Baza won on corrected time.

MANILA, Philippines – In one of the most exciting finishes since race tracking came into play, Phillip Turner’s RP66, Alive claimed Line Honors in the 2016 Swiss Rolex China Sea Race, establishing new norms in what is considered the ultimate blue-water offshore sailing event in Asia.

Alive finished the 55 nautical mile race from Hong Kong to Subic Bay on Good Friday in 47 hours, 31 minutes, 8 seconds, 11 minutes, 59 seconds inside Beau Geste’s record during the millennium edition.

As did the other 32 boats that started off Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor on Holy Wednesday, Alive made very slow progress, but as the boats plowed the open sea, the breeze kicked in, giving the big and small boats leeway to sail where the wind could push them on their way to Subic Bay.

Alive chose to veer south to stay off the coast and set up a more westerly approach to Subic Bay, while MACH2, its closest rival, took the inside line. The tactics paid off for Phillip Turner. While MACH2 sat in the dreaded Luzon hole for five hours, Alive benefited first from the mid-morning sea breeze and, had the northeast monsoon not taken four hours to set in, she could have sliced more off the record.

“The race was fairly good for us. We managed to stay ahead of the bad weather, which I gather some of the smaller boats were having. It’s a good way to go sailing. Several times in the night, we commented how great it was – we were doing 17 to 18 knots under a full moon. They say ‘start well, finish well’ … well we finished,” said Stacey Jackson.

Steve Manning’s Ker42 Black Baza lifted the Rolex Replica China Sea Race Trophy for corrected time on IRC handicap.

Black Baza finished in the early hours of Holy Saturday morning after just over 60 hours of racing.

The Rolex China Sea Race, sponsored by Replica Rolex Watches since 1962, is a biennial 565-nautical mile race from Hong Kong, through the South China Sea, to an imaginary finish line in Subic Bay.

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