Why I’ve Never Owned A Rolex Replica

Rolex Replica Watches - http://www.swissrolex.co.uk/

Rolex Replica Watches – http://www.swissrolex.co.uk/

Once in a while on the collector forums, a question is posed: is there anyone in the collector community who has never, ever, owned a Rolex Replica? As a general rule, respondents to these queries tend to express disbelief that such a creature could possibly exist given the quality and ubiquity of the brand’s watches.Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that such people do exist, and that I’m one of them. And to be honest, when I suggested this article topic to Elizabeth, one reason that I did so was that I was pretty mystified about it myself: how could it be?

How it (didn’t) happen
In the beginning: The simplest explanations for why I didn’t start early with Rolex Replica Watches are simple: money and time. The first time I encountered the brand was during the Lucerne stop of a hard-earned student trip (more on this in an upcoming article).I had $45 in spending money. One of my roommates had several hundred bucks that he promptly spent on what he described as, “The watch my Dad says is the best in the world.”

For me, it was too soon and too much. And even then, my spidey-sense suggested to me that my friend’s Dad’s absolute certainty and his son’s resulting zeal might possibly be misplaced.Other gateway drugs: Fast forward about six years of schooling, 15 years of 80-hour workweeks, and an increasing fascination with timekeeping. When I did turn to watches in a serious way, my attention was drawn to other brands.Omega played a role (and to some extent filled the collection “spots” that might otherwise have been filled with Rolex Replica), but the big hitter for me was Jaeger-LeCoultre, starting with a steel Reverso Duoface and going from there.It might actually be interesting to poll collectors and see whether there are two basic types: those who started with, and stayed with, Jaeger-LeCoultre and those who followed the Rolex Replica trail.

Caption: A Partial View of GaryG and MrsG’s Collection of Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches
Now that I consider it, perhaps there are (now) Panerai and Omega Speedmaster branches to the tree as well; but that’s also a topic for another day!Reverse snobbery: For a while, I had a pretty active disdain for Rolex Replica Uk, for what I now realize were three main reasons.First, whether it’s watches, cars, or consumer electronics, I have a low tolerance for fan boys, those uncritical sorts who believe that every single feature of their favored brand is the best and also feel that is critical that you believe it, too.

For instance, at this point I’ve read way too many online threads in which Rolex Replica’ use of 904L stainless steel is put forward as proof of the pitiful weakness of all other brands. What I came to believe was that any brand that needed such unthinking support might not be worthy of mine.The second reason was that I thought I had found “better” solutions than Rolex Replica for my needs; for example, my Vacheron Constantin Overseas in the sports watch category.Whether it was the Overseas or other watches like the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms with its wonderful and robust X-71 bracelet, I really didn’t see Rolex Replica Watches as world-beaters in their categories.

Finally, there’s the position of Swiss Rolex Replica as one of the world’s leading, if not the leading, mass luxury brand. If you know me, you know that I’m not innately drawn to “mass” anything, even in luxury categories; part of the appeal for me is being a bit off the beaten path.That whole vintage thing: For the record, I loved Paul Newman. Great actor, great race driver, great (it is reported) husband, great actor. Man’s man, philanthropist.And, of course, wearer of Rolex Replica, including what is popularly called the “Paul Newman” Daytona.Back to that “too soon, too much” thing: when I first became aware of the “Paul Newman” watches, the prices seemed way too dear for my wallet; now that the prices have gone through the roof, it’s now “too late, too much” for me.

In addition, the whole world of vintage Rolex Replica seems to me fraught with peril. When a company makes many hundreds of thousands of watches per year (which, as far as I can tell from available serial number tables, was true for Rolex Replica even in the 1960s) and has rabid fans, it stands to reason that some of those fans will attempt to find “unique” watches among the multitudes and bid up their market values.