Watch Wallpaper:Their Replica Hublot Watches And 5 Footballers

As part of its “Hublot Loves Football” campaign, the Replica Hublot watch UK company enlisted Swiss photographer Fred Merz to snap portraits of soccer legends of today and yesteryear, with each one featuring both the brand’s World Cup symbol a Hublot watch, a soccer ball painted and decorated by Brazilian artist Romero Britto.
Merz traveled far and wide to produce the series, “friends of the brand” from the world of international soccer, aka football. For example, the acknowledged “which features Hublot watch “ambassadors” and King of Football,” Pelé, was filmed in a fashionable Ipanema in Rio Hotel , while “The Special One,” current Chelsea coach José Mourinho, was photographed in a shadowy basement during a visit to the Hublot watch manufacture in Nyon, Switzerland. In other shots, members of various teams were depicted on their home turf. We’ve collected five of these images as downloadable wallpaper for your desktop.
Click on each image for the larger version.

Jose Mourinho wearing Hublot
Chelsea coach José Mourinho (with Hublot watchmakers)
Pele wearing Replica Hublot UK

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