This is a collection of 3 Omega watches reviews which are my strongly recommendation.

Omega Men’s 3570.50.00 Speedmaster Watch

Omega Men’s 3570.50.00 Speedmaster Watch

Omega 3570.50.00This first watch from the Speedmaster collection is a replica of the world famous Omega watch first worn on the Moon with NASA’s Apollo 11 crew members. You will have on the back of this watch a clear statement that says this timepiece is qualified for all manned space mission and is the one to first “walk” on the Moon! A cool feature, isn’t it?

Not just stopping at it, this high end watch also offers you a 1861 Caliber Swiss mechanical movement that can make the watch work without the need of any battery. It can reserve energy to work for up to 2 days with just a single hand wind.

Although the mechanical movement is not that hassle-free like the Quartz movement since you will have to hand wind it all the time to keep the watch ticking. However, in terms of time accuracy, you can rest assured that this type of movement is a proud opponent of the Quartz.

And you know it, a watch powered by an accurate and carefully crafted out mechanical hand wind movement represents the master craftsmanship that not many products out there could have. And that’s the true value this type of movement withholds.

Talking about the design of the watch, I’m sure that with its elegant and manly look and feel, you can surely make people look at you whenever you wear it on your wrist. The silver light from the stainless steel case and bracelet combining with the black watch dial really create an aura around this watch that catch the eyes all the time.

The steel case and bezel are not just there for decoration purpose. They also act like a sturdy shield to protect the watch from shock, scratches, and damages from harmful activities.

Another layer of protection this wristwatch has is the hesalite crystal. Hesalite is a tough enough material that can be used to safeguard the inner parts of the watch from potential damages and scratches. It also provides you with a clear look thus making it super easy to glance time.

And with a list of great added features such as luminous watch hands and indices, functional chronograph subdials, tachymeter bezel, and water resistance at 167 ft or around 50 m, this watch really makes an excellent choice for whoever loves classic, functional, and elegant timepieces.


Omega Men’s 2225.80 Seamaster Watch


Omega Men’s 2225.80 Seamaster Watch

Omega 2225.80The next wristwatch in this Omega mens watches series that I want to cover is the Omega 2225.80 from the Seamaster collection.

As the name implied, you can guess that this timepiece is designed with the intention for professional swimmers or divers to conquer the deep sea. With the impressive 3,280 ft or 1,000 m in water resistance, there is almost nothing you couldn’t do under water with this little guy.

This watch is a bit different from the first one we last talked above. This Seamaster chronograph is powered by the Swiss automatic movement. And that means the watch will be powered by the movement of your wrist thus making it a wise choice for people who want a hassle-free watch maintenance solution.

About time accuracy, you can rest assured that this movement is also a very reliable timekeeper that is only a bit behind the Quartz engine. But the difference will be very small that you won’t even notice it.

The dial window or crystal of this wristwatch is made of anti-reflective and scratch-proof sapphire which is also a high end material used to create this component. With this in action, you can rest assured that there will be only a few things on Earth that can ever left a scratch on the surface of this crystal. And with the anti-reflective feature, glancing time will come with great ease.

And much like the 3570.50.00 Speedmaster, this timepiece also has for itself shiny and sturdy case, bracelet, and bezel which don’t just add up to the overall toughness of the watch but also make it look better especially under the sun!

And finally, with 3 fully functional chronograph subdials, as well as luminous watch hands and time markers, and a small date window at 3.00 o’clock position, this watch will surely help you in your daily activities.

Omega Men’s 2220.80.00 Seamaster “James Bond” Watch

Omega Men’s 2220.80.00 Seamaster “James Bond” Watch

Omega 2220.80.00And now, it’s time for the famous 2220.80.00 Seamaster from the “James Bond” collection. A watch that you might have heard about but haven’t known much about.

This classic timepiece is also powered by the Swiss made Automatic movement which means accurate timekeeping is an easy task to accomplish. And not much watch maintenance thanks to the self-powered feature of this kind of movement is also a big plus.

The tough sapphire crystal will create a safe shield that can protect the watch from scratches much like the with what the 2225.80 Seamaster has. And it also offers a clear look over the watch dial thanks to its anti-reflective spec.

The stainless steel case, bracelet, and bezel as usual buckle up the whole construction of the watch and make it even more resistant to potential harms. And with the overall silver tone combines with the blue watch dial, this “James Bond” watch is definitely a handsome guy that can attract people to you effortlessly.

And if you’re into swimming, deep sea diving, or any other water-related activities, you will be glad to know that this watch has a decent capability of 1000 ft or 300 m in water resistance. With that strong feature, you can rest assured that this gentleman will be your best partner on every adventure to the blue sea.

This watch also has luminous hands and markers, and a small date window at 3.00 o’clock position for easy reading.