Tag Heuer Join AFC Asian Cup in 2019 and Became the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

Tag Heuer to join the AFC Asian Cup in 2019 and became the 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Asia Round of 12 the official watch cum Official Timekeeper.

Forge ahead to break new ground!

TAG Heuer replica territory to cooperate with the World Football League even more complete; its “official territory” has been across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Including the Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, Super League, Australia’s national football team, the International Cup (ICC), the United States Major League Soccer (MLS), the United States Football Association, the American Association of professional referees and the latest to join the club and so many of the world’s top football tournament, Union and the club have to be included therein.

Now, after the official hand in the AFC 2018 Asian World Cup qualifying tournament has officially entered the top 12 TAG Heuer Tiger time!
September 1, 2016 – Pioneer Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Tiger joined forces today with the AFC, AFC officially become the most important event – – 2019 Asian Cup and 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Asia 12 official Timekeeper cum official watch strong race. All along, the TAG Heuer Tiger for its times, lasting innovation strategy and vision, constantly booming global football power, since the resumption of fighting in today’s World Cup Asian Zone 12 finals start, TAG Heuer Tiger will come from Asia’s top soccer tournament total break the journey to witness the glory!
TAG Heuer Tag Heuer and LVMH Group CEO road (LVMH Group) Watch president Jean – Claude • Mr. Beaver (Jean-Claude Biver), said: “Football is the world’s most popular sport, as another human language or religion. through football, we share the passion, emotion, joy, dreams, teamwork, organizational spirit, the spirit of the strategy and the final victory fruit. these are not only the values ​​of TAG Heuer Tiger is located, is the purchase and Peidaitaige TAG Heuer watch where consumer values. ”
AFC Secretary-General Dato • Windsor • John (Dato Windsor John) said: “We are very pleased with the Tiger ho Astec into this partnership, TAG Heuer Tiger will be the official timekeeper of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Asia Round of 12 cum significance of the official watch a soccer game against the clock with the AFC’s vision and mission is to continuously improve our competitiveness – which, of course, also includes top brands work together now, AFC tournament competition so competitive, more and more fans cheap fake watch the games live or concern in front of the TV with the match. we Tiger ho Astec into this collaboration with tangible proof of the growing trend of strong growth in Asia this event. ”

2018 Top 12 Asian World Cup qualifying tournament: the dream of glory leading to Russia

The TAG Heuer Tiger AFC and cooperation projects, including the first in Russia organized by AFC Member States national team and the 2018 AFC Asian World Cup qualifying Round of 12. From AFC’s, 46 FIFA affiliated countries will jointly enter the qualifier tournament will be September 1, 2016 – in full swing during the day 5 September 2017, the first game in September 2016 Australia start on the 1st of. In the 2018 World Cup qualifying tournament in Asia, there will be a total of 12 teams from the second round to stand out (including the first eight groups and four best scores of the second group), the winner will be divided into two groups, each group of six teams home and away round robin system to catch on the athletic field. The top two in each group will qualify to the 2018 World Cup, two teams will enter the third playoff in wrestling lore.


2019 Asian Cup: UAE detonated race Asian Football Passion

The partnership with TAG Heuer Tiger comprises AFC AFC (AFC) sponsored a four-year term of the Asian men’s football championship, namely the prestigious 17th Asian Cup. March 9, 2015, by the United Arab Emirates announced as the host country of the event, which is following the 1996 finals in the United Arab Emirates holding the Asian Cup again. Australia in 2015 after obtaining the last Asian Cup, the defending champion will participate in the games. The history of the Asian Cup will usher in the first 24 teams. Host nation automatically qualify to participate in finals, the remaining 23 seats will go through qualifiers produced by other 45 national teams qualifying from March 2015 until March 2018, during the first two rounds It will serve as the 2018 Asian World Cup qualifiers.
The partnership between the AFC and TAG Heuer Tiger also includes a 2018 AFC Women’s Asian Cup and the 2020 AFC U-23 Championship. Football Federation of Asian football as the most influential and the most important organization, co-AFC four important event will be the venue on the big screen and TAG Heuer Tiger officially entered the time, ignite passion, flying dream, beyond the borders shared this a universal event.

AFC was founded in 1954, whose purpose is to promote football in Asia to carry out, promote friendship between Asian football. The strong alliance with the AFC, will be the most powerful way TAG Heuer Tiger pioneering spirit in the field of international spread of Asian football, bear the brunt of the Asian World Cup Round of 12 will ignite the enthusiasm of all the fans. AFC with its high standards and high quality event known around the world in recent years, Asia, Middle East, Australia, the team’s performance in the tournament is the best example. AFC also get the favor of the fans in Asia and the world.
The time element for victory in terms of very critical, every second counts, many games are decided at the last moment before the final outcome.
AFC while TAG Heuer and Tiger are not only has a very high standard and quality requirements, has extensive experience in their respective fields, but also a very high value and each time the precise timing. With new partners hand in hand, the AFC also share the same Tag Heuer philosophy # DontCrackUnderPressure #, to inspire each player and then even lower to withstand the pressure of a big season, it is possible to rise to the challenges, self-achievement!