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Patek Philippe’s fine retouching is based on respect for tradition and excellence, and craftsmanship is a key factor in this respect. The appearance of a watch depends largely on the dial, in fact, dial this element is often underestimated, only the hand-made can truly reflect its value. For Patek Philippe replica watches, retouching quality is essential, automation and standardization technology can not match. No matter what kind of material applied to the dial, only rely on a series of manual skills, in order to achieve the best aesthetic results.

Ref. 5235 Calendars Calibrating the satin-frosted dial of the replica watches is not common in Patek Philippe

   Patek Philippe replica

Dial is not only a single object, it is the microscopic world, disk effect by the application of specific technical decisions. Even seemingly plain appearance, but also requires professional knowledge and skills, hand-made by experienced craftsmen. In Ref. 5235, for example, its appearance in the Patek Philippe fake watches is very unusual. The main dial through the satin frosted, like the movement of components, although the surface area is much larger. Outer ring ring was milky white, sub-dial decorated with scroll pattern, time scale and minute tracks using transfer fixed, week, month and date window after chamfering and polishing.

Nautilus cheap replica watches dial is also true. The watch’s unique dial, decorated with stamping (Stamping) horizontal stripes relief pattern. Nautilus series was born on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary, Patek Philippe fake produced a limited edition watch, gold blue dial set with rectangular cut diamonds, diamond mosaic can only be completed by hand.

Ref. 5711 / 1P Nautilus 40th Anniversary Watch Replaced with a rectangular cut diamonds

Patek Philippe replica

Take the blanking operation, although the completion of the machine, but must be manually to guide. Shape the dial shape, the central hole and window, polished brass base plate, welded bottom fixed dial for the follow-up process to prepare. Ref. 5275 Self-chronograph wrist watch is first similar to the process of retouching, and then circle the minutes and transfer the Arabic numerals color.

All valuable materials and technical processes to create dial-up, human participation is a key factor. A higher level than Blanking is the Carlo (link ring) – geometric patterns engraved into the dial, which has a clear three-dimensional thickness. While doing the operation of the machine, but the rose bed is not powered by electricity, it does not automatically operate, but the artisans hand-eye coordination ability to provide electricity, the implementation of guidance. Subsequently, the dial can be painted, mosaic and transmission completed.

Ref. 5275 Self-chronograph wrist replica watches uk

Patek Philippe replica

Metal plate in advance through the micro-perforation, can become a dial inlaid precious stones, and inlaid itself is done by hand. Artisans will each precious stones into the base, and then carefully around the metal ring – gem may weigh only a few tenths of carats, less than a millimeter in diameter. In addition to precious stones, gold three-dimensional time scale is also manually fixed on the dial.

Patek Philippe is one of the few watch manufacturers never stop producing enamel dials with the most traditional techniques. Whether fine-grained, padded, mosaic or micro-painted; monochrome or color, Patek Philippe can be completely mastered. These high-tech expertise, if not a series of very delicate manual operation, these enamel processing is impossible to replicate. Prepare the spare dial, describe the color area, the amount of filler powder, and repeat the kiln calcination, each stage requires the human eye to check the entire surface, enamel color change is expected to predict the completion of hue and ensure no defects.

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In 2016, Patek Philippe fake is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its now iconic Nautilus collection. To mark the occasion, today Patek has unveiled not one but two limited-edition Nautilus 40th Anniversary models: a Nautilus 5711/1P limited to 700 pieces (retail price of $113,400), and a Nautilus Chronograph 5976/1G limited to 1300 pieces (price $96,390). We will now focus on 5711/1 p. But first a quick review. Back in 1976, not only shows the since then how much changes have taken place in the world, and it also shows the Nautilus in design, reliability and sentiment in the forty years to keep the long time. From a Nautilus 3700/1 until now:

Nautilus replica p the 40th anniversary of the 5711/1 is great in many ways. It has a platinum, exclusive choice of metal to Patek is often used in such a special version. This is interesting because of the original 1976 Nautilus is, of course, stainless steel model. The new 5711/1P is is obviously reminiscent of the original Nautilus Ref. 3700/1A, but also suggests the subtle evolution of the model line during the past 40 years. With a width of 44 mm (including the crown 40mm from 10 o’clock to 4 o’clock), the new Ref. 5711 is a rather large watch. But 40 years ago, this also applied to the Ref. 3700/1A, which – although 2 mm narrower – was so large in its time that it was nicknamed “Jumbo”. 2 millimeters, as little as it may seem, makes a big difference on the wrist, and is thus an important acknowledgement by Patek Philippe’s replica watch creation department that proportions have changed (a little ;-)) in the past decades.
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