Arnold & Son DSTB Ref. 1ATAW.L04A.C121W Watch – White Gold Case with Domed and White Lacquered Sapphire Dial Replica Wholesale Center

By Jovan Krstevski

Looks like we are going to have a white gold limited edition DTSB featuring the outstanding craftsmanship of Arnold & Son. To the uninitiated, the DTSB (Dial Side True Beat) features an exhibition movement that is solely used on chronometers. What I am excited for are the price points of these mechanical timepieces which are astonishingly low. Remember that John Arnold and his son were the pioneers of reasonably priced chronometers which are undoubtedly made with technical superiority which practically solves the problem of determining longitude at sea.

Meaning that by the front of the watch taking a look at the caseback you find a dark reflection and no opinion of your ailing arm hair. From the back of the watch, you can see right through to the other side. So compare this metal “Translucent Back” variant of this Arnold & Son Time Pyramid with the very first version with the totally clear sapphire crystal caseback that I went hands-on with here. And yes, this “updated” version costs a little more, of course. How much does this especially tinted sapphire crystal caseback cost you? About $2,000. It will look a little steep following the original version in steel has been released under a year before.The Arnold & Son Time Pyramid watch initially came out in 2013, also in 2014 I reviewed the 18k rose gold version of the Time Pyramid on aBlogtoWatch here. This remains one of my favorite watches made by Arnold & Son today because of its unique design, attractively symmetrical movement, and excellent wrist existence. The case is 44.6mm wide (water resistant to only 30 meters) and made with a crown o’clock as a result of the design of this movement. Additionally, it gives the event a more streamlined look as a result of the symmetry you get with the crown position.

Arnold & Son DSTB 2

Okay so let us go over the case design before anything else particularly the stunning true beat’s seconds mechanism on the very front face of the watch. The 43.5 mm 18 k white gold case looks pretty neat and rather subtle for a complicated watch. Although it does look larger at that size but then we are talking about a chronometer with an outstanding design. I just love the bezel and the crown, very well made and so clean. Plus the lugs hug the case as if you don’t notice it at all. That is perfect since you don’t want any excess attention to the eye candy which is central on the dial through the cambered sapphire with antireflective coating on both sides which also protects the exhibition caseback.

Arnold & Son DSTB 1

So that brings us to the domed dial with white lacquered accents for the hour readings which makes up 50 percent of the dial real estate. The rest goes to the true beat’s seconds mechanism presented entirely on the dial complete with the hands, the lever, the wheels and the three palladium-treated true beat seconds bridges. True to its heritage, the true beat seconds lever is shaped like an anchor bowing to Arnold’s maritime achievements. The watch practically demonstrated its rich British history and quality Swiss craftsmanship. Personally, I find the three-dimensional dial to be complicated enough yet remains practical. Remember that there is an interplay of intricate mechanisms playing along on the dial which is pretty much very exciting to say the least.

Arnold & Son DSTB 3

Nonetheless, power is provided by an in-house calibre A&S6003. The movement is self-winding and consists of 229 moving parts. The Arnold & Son DNA is everywhere on the movement such as the featured Haute Horlogerie finishing with hand-chamfered and satin-finished lever and bridges. It also boasts of polished edges and fine circular graining and Côtes de Genève rayonnantes. I am also amused of the visible blue PVD treated dial plate sporting screws with bevelled and mirror-polished heads. And if it is not enough, turn the watch over and just look through the magnificent caseback and admire the solid 22-carat red gold guilloché oscillating weight sporting the company’s branding.

Perhaps what makes this timepiece really incredible is its numbers. There will be 125 pieces to be built and judging from that number, it is really limited. Besides you get to wear this on hand-stitched black or brown alligator leather. Also, if you are wondering if this chronometer is up to the test, well it is and pretty much it is water resistant up to 30 m.

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