What is special worth: Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ Replica

Despite the fact that the history of the design-egg-maker Fabregas man Replcia is a “luxury name” most people know that even many well-replicated watch enthusiasts do not know the brand is alive today, so wrist watch replicas. The people of today’s Feuerbach, who also produces women’s jewelry, have some very ambitious plans to replicate their watches – which should have clearly demonstrated this technically unique Feuerbach Visionnaire.


I got my first chance to play with this remarkable replica watch in Dubai during the second annual Dubai replica watch Week where Mr. Jean-Marc Wiederrecht of Agenhor was attending as well. Agenhor is responsible for the movements in a number of interesting replica watches, even though they don’t produce their own replica watches (well, not yet). Jean-Marc’s company is responsible for the movement inside of the Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ – with DTZ standing for “dual time zone.” Previous to working with Agenhor, Fabergé released the Visionnaire 1 replica watch with a flying tourbillon produced by Swiss APRP.

The Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ Replica has a similar modern aesthetic design as the Visionnaire 1, but is much more accessibly priced. I think it is interesting that while the rest of the Fabergé brand is a lot more classic in its design, these two replica watch collections are made to look resolutely “in the now.” Wearing the replica watch, I can’t help but think that it feels like what Christophe Claret should be doing these days in addition to his massive money mechanical replica watch toys. Doesn’t the case design of the Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ look like something that would easily exist in the Christophe Claret universe?


On the wrist, the 43mm-wide case with its funny-looking but clever lugs fits remarkably well. The case feels very practical in dimensions even if it is more spirited in how it looks. Fabergé currently offers two versions of the Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ in either the model pictured here in 18k white gold with black-coated titanium, or alternatively an 18k rose gold version with polished titanium. I think I prefer the 18k white gold model if only for the enhanced contrast between the black and silvery colors.