Rolex Replica Watch : Rolex Submariner 809H, Limited to Only 30 Units


While being able to apply crazy colors and other attention seeking customizations to your Rolex replica watch might have been the name of the game in the past, right now it seems like subtle hints at past models of the storied replica watchmaker are more en vogue. Bamford Watch Department has recently presented its classic Rolex Submariner series, as well as its Heritage Daytona Series, and today we can present another great addition by Tempus Machina Watches.

Tempus Machina Watch Company presents the launch of it’s ref 809H watch. Following up on its success of the ref 216A big crown that paid homage to the famous ref 6538 “Bond” watch, the 809H honors another classic replica Rolex Submariner – the pointed crown guard 5512 Submariner from the early 1960s.


As usual Tempus Machina produced a respectful fusion of the current 114060 Rolex Replica Submariner, adding design details of the PCG 5512. “The ‘3,6,9’ explorer gilt dial is fabricated using old-world techniques which result in true negative-relief gilt that is a hallmark of the early submariners. The lugs of the modern ceramic sub has been slightly thinned to create a more appropriate profile. Lugholes are drilled and sharp bevels are applied to the mid-case.”

The Tempus Machina Watch Company cheap Rolex Submariner 809H is limited to only 30 units.