Replica Watches Recommended: Oris BC3 Week Calendar Watches

BC3 series was born in 1999, is Mr Rees aviation copy watch family model. It is simple and the shape of a tough, clear and easy to read, disk from the pure air. Many of the series has a very good performance of the table, by the enthusiastic pursuit of the table faithful. In 2016, the new BC3 watch dressed in guns gray coat solemn debut, inheritance BC3 classic design style, in the watch color and material bold innovation. And it is the watch house today to show you the watch. (Watch model: 01 735 7641 4263-07 5 22 22G).
Oris BC3 Week Calendar Fake Watches

A catchy watch

Oris BC3 series of watches in the first launch before the millennium, the extent of making it the Oris brand legendary replica watches. This watch is a new member of the series. In the original excellent mechanical kinetic energy to add exquisite design features bright, synchronized watch design and upgrade, the achievements of this intriguing new watches. watch with a rubber band or delicate selection of leather strap, bold and cool texture is a loss of movement. The introverted good watches, so the focus of the eyes to capture.
Oris BC3 Week  Calendar Fake Watches

Full of the color of the cold technology gun gray

42mm case of the new BC3 calendar watch with stainless steel, smooth lines, hard straight hearty, outside the gun gray PVD coating, with brown fabric strap or black rubber strap, quite military texture.
Dial with radial pattern drawing design
Dial is equipped with radial pattern drawing design, is shot with gray, when the needle with typical air pointer design, white outside, covered with the same drill luminescent material. Dial color contrast, strong pointer pointer and scale, regardless of day and night are clear and easy to read, highlighting the basic characteristics of the aviation watch. Time scale and scale are khaki Super-LumiNova® luminous material, for the dark environment can also observe the time to provide the conditions, while adding watch the ornamental.
Large  screw-in crown
The characteristics of large screw-plug crown for the brand and the non-slip texture design, provide smooth operation is not start work conditions. Unique champions league and champions league protect side screw design bring visual sense of aviation equipment.

The same as the stainless steel ear lobe clearly, polished, delicate texture. And the watch is not integrated as one end, for the wearer to provide a different kind of watch the table feel.
Large  screw-in crown
Through on the back of the watch design, transparent glass through the desktop, movement at a glance, look in your free time, it could be a interesting things in life. Watch equipped with Oris735 self-winding mechanical movement for the watch to provide accurate travel time and practical function of the week calendar. Waterproof depth of about 100 meters. BC3 week calendar watch by Oris735 self-winding mechanical movement, red automatic Tuo for the movement to inject vitality.
Oris BC3 Week Calendar Watch  with brown fabric strap
Watch with brown fabric strap, with a gun gray PVD stainless steel pin buckle to ensure the safety of the wrist, do not easily fall off (or black rubber strap, with a gun gray PVD stainless steel folding buckle).

In the past nearly 20 years, BC3 replica watches have tough character design and solid and reliable quality, won the favour of friends table. It represents this pragmatic and rigorous, forge ahead of the aviation spirit is also Hao Li has always insisted and carry forward the tabulation concept. This watch is also the inheritance of this spirit. The watch as the wrist, fashion type, beautiful atmosphere, like the spirit of aviation elements and Hao Li, when the brand recommended the table to start this watch.

  Oris BC3 Week Calendar Fake Watches       Oris BC3 Week Calendar Fake Watches