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The deal incorporated “A Connoisseur’s Vision Part III”, which together with Parts I and II, speaks to the most imperative private Patek Philippe accumulation ever offered at closeout, and the most costly gathering ever sold. Among the wristwatches sold in Geneva, Patek Philippe took the top spots. Christie’s November 15 Geneva deal created a great SFr. 21,572,700, or somewhat over $22 million.

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The star of this deal was parcel 114, a particularly uncommon 18K pink-gold Patek Philippe ref. 2523 two-crown worldtime wristwatch with 24 hour sign and blue veneer dial. Produced in 1953, this piece was initially retailed in Milan in 1957. This is the 35.5mm “expansive rendition” of the reference, and just 14 illustrations are known not come to sell. The offering cost was $2,727,651.


The number two position in the deal went to part 234, a 18K pink gold Patek Philippe ref. 2499 never-ending logbook chronograph with moon stages, made in 1957. This piece was transferred by the group of the first proprietor, who acquired it in 1961. Just seven rose gold reference 2499 second arrangement are known, and this is the main case with date circles in German. It brought $1,226,678, near the presale high gauge.


Parcel 328 is a 18K gold Patek Philippe ref. 1563 split seconds chronograph with two-tone throb dial. This piece was initially produced in 1940, and moved up to the present case in 1943. The offering cost was $1,128,789, well over the $1 million presale high gauge.


Part 291 is a 18K pink gold Patek Philippe ref. 1518 unending date-book chronograph with periods of the moon, produced in 1948. This was the primary interminable logbook chronograph wristwatch delivered in arrangement by any watch organization. Offered by the first proprietor who bought it on October 2, 1950, on this night it brought $737,230.


Another ref. 2499 rounds out the main 5. This is a 18K gold interminable logbook chronograph wristwatch with moon stages, dark finish dial and Breguet numerals. This piece brought $590,396.