The Best Patek Philippe replica 5975 Chronograph

Patek Philippe is completely self-developed high-volume chronograph movement as many as eight, innovation not only in terms of layout and design, functionality and appearance favorably. To celebrate the 175 anniversary of the creation of the brand, the best Patek Philippe replica carefully created a chronograph, its metering function is far more than other ordinary watch, more feature-rich. Stopwatch used to calculate the time interval is one of the most popular Patek Philippe timepieces.


Patek Philippe replica 5975 Chronograph

There is no other chronograph watch can be like, like, so profound and clearly reveal the meter when the product uses. If this feature with the right combination of scale, can even become mechanical chronograph wrist calculator, performs a calculation based on the measurement results. As the name suggests, this “multi-scale” to commemorate the chronograph has three scales: logarithmic scale for computing speed, distance and heart rate. Until the late 1960s, with tachymeter, range finder and pulse meter watch began to spread, widely used in professional fields. Patek Philippe The launch of the limited edition “multi-scale” chronograph is a chronograph function of this brand and the history of the gorgeous tribute.

This watch has a red gold, platinum and other materials of different styles, different needs for those choices, shows the following picture for platinum watches:
For many physical units, “time” has a decisive role. Speed, however, is the distance traveled by a certain time; according to the speed of sound, you can calculate the distance; but man’s heart is in the number of heart beats per minute, he said. With the right scale, time-table will be able to directly display the kind of calculation results without after obtaining readings, and then calculated. This scale’s secret weapon is the “logarithm.” The concept of numbers once because the slider popular and known. Logarithmic multiplication and division can be converted into the addition and subtraction, which simplifies the process of mathematical calculations. Indian mathematicians 2,000 years ago discovered the mysteries of numbers, the seventeenth century Swiss watchmaker Jost Bürgi (1552 – 1632) on the basis of the number of invented a new computing system. In 1622, he published the world’s first one pair Formula table. Before the popularity of the calculator, all pre-university students and renowned scientists will use this formula for the number of tables. When the watch is accurate to seconds appear, dial production division also relies on this logarithmic algorithms, invented the reading speed is directly based on the time interval data, distance and heart rate dial. This requires each data item to be unified into a special unit of measurement.

Medicine, heart rate expressed in beats per minute. Patek Philippe “multi-scale” chronograph with a rate of 15 beats to measure pulse meter can be quickly measured heart rate without having to wait for a full minute, as long as the “multi-scale” chronograph capture 15 consecutive heartbeats, pulse meter can be displayed the number of beats per minute. Doctors rounds, hundreds of patients every day to check the heart rate, a watch with a pulse meter can save more than one hour of their time every day.

Patek Philippe “multi-scale” chronograph with tachymeter 1000 meters. When the vehicle is traveling, passengers can usually after a one thousand meters mark the starting point start time, to mark the end of one thousand meters stop the clock. Chronograph display car through a thousand meters time, tachymeter scale directly display the average speed in the car’s distance. Therefore tachymeter does not directly measure the “distance”, but to finish the measurement time required for a known distance.

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Patek Philippe “multi-scale” Chronograph comes in kilometers DME units, such calculations need to use two at a known speed, while relying on visual and acoustic signals. Since the light in the atmosphere propagation speed (300,000 km / s) is much faster than the speed of sound (about 333 m / s), so we are always to “see” a thing far away, and then “heard “sound. When in the 1960s, this distance calculation method is still widely used in the military. For example, if after seeing the enemy muzzle flash 5 seconds to hear the guns, the enemy will show rangefinder distance: 333 m / sec x 5 seconds = 1675 m. Precision movement, accurate measurement of “multi-scale” not only has a distinctive chronograph dial, is used exclusively for the movement which watch designed Caliber CH 28-520 movement. This is a self-winding movement, using the classic column wheel structure to start / stop the chronograph function; almost zero friction disc clutch to ensure that the timing can be simultaneously used as a pointer seconds of continuous operation. Travel time accuracy of this new movement is also very worthy of attention. Patek Philippe with a mark can be shown that this chronograph day error does not exceed -3 to +2 seconds. The higher the precision of the movement, pulse meter, the more accurate the tachymeter rangefinder and display readings.

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Patek Philippe commemorative “multi-scale” this chronograph embodies the pursuit of the perfect Geneva watchmaker’s style, tradition, integrate innovation. Simple and elegant case designed beautifully layered lugs, low-key fixed on the outer edge of the case and bezel, play a fixed role. This design is somewhat complex, but very practical, to ensure that the case can be completely removed, thereby simplifying the process of repair and decoration. Dial with three kinds of concentric dials, this represents a multiscale chronograph three functions. Men’s watches from outside to inside are rangefinder, pulse meter and tachymeter. Order women’s watches is just the opposite. Ref. 5975 Men’s watch limited edition of 400, respectively, 18K gold, platinum, rose gold, as well as 100 platinum gold material. Women’s watches using long diamond hour markers, a limited production of 150, including white and rose gold material. All “multi-scale” chronograph are used in hand-sewn alligator leather strap with gold folding clasp, engraved with “PATEK PHILIPPE 1839 – 2014” the words, and the case perfectly.