The Breitling Replica Avenger Seawolf Video Review

This replica Breitling watch is a reminiscent to the G-shock which was the rave a while ago. It’s very outdoorsy and it is built for endurance and built to last. So without further ado, let’s continue with this fake Breitling Avenger Seawolf review.

Looks and Feel


To kick off this replica watches Breitling Super Avenger video review, let’s talk about how good this watch looks. The watch is well made so that you won’t even be able to tell that it is one of the fake Breitling watches available on the market. The watches in this replica Avenger Seawolf video review is all black and the only differences in the versions it comes in are in the different colors of the numerals below the bezel or the colors of the needles in the chronographs. The hour, minute and second hands are always white. The bezel itself is ion plated and has minute marks for every quarter of an hour intervals. The dial of the watch is 57mm by 49mm with the Breitling logo featuring prominently just below the 12-hour mark.

One of the defining features of the watch on this replica Breitling Avenger Seawolf video review are the two buttons on either side of the crown which are also ion plated. The crown is ridged around the wheel to provide a firm grip and so are the tips of the buttons on either side of it. There are three chronographs spaced every 120 degrees around the face of the watch. The date window is just between the 3 hour and 4 hour hands and it has a very retro look with the number font which is clear and legible. You really won’t find a better made watch no matter how many fake Breitling Avenger watches reviews you read.



My replica Avenger Seawolf video review can’t be complete without mentioning what is under the hood of the watch. The movement is Japanese Quartz but you have nothing to worry about when it comes to precision. The watch featured in this replica Breitling Avenger Seawolf video review works perfectly and there are no complaints. Everything functions perfectly and there are no irregularities with the time it keeps. The chronographs and buttons all work and nothing is there just for show.

The Fold

Finally, in this replica Avenger Seawolf video review, let’s look at the way the watch looks on the hand. The bracelet is black rubber which ends in an ion plated hook buckle with the Breitling logo engraved on it. The rubber adds to the water-resistant quality of the watch and you won’t have to worry about rust or scratches on the bracelet. This also makes it more comfortable to wear than metal bracelets. Only leather bracelets can be more comfortable. The bracelet is 200mm long and 24mm wide.

The conclusion is that I copied the Avenger Seawolf video review. You will not find a better version, which has been elaborate on the elaborate Fake Avenger watch reviews. Really is indistinguishable from the original and holds its own performance and appearance. For this replica watch, I recommend the perfect watch.