Angelababy becomes cheap TAG Heuer replica global brand ambassador

Today, the high-profile popular female star Angelababy (Yang Ying) with its extraordinary temperament and tension, the perfect interpretation of # DontCrackUnderPressure # (under the weight of fearless) brand spirit, officially became the global brand Ambassador TAG Heuer replica. At this point, TAG Heuer star sparkling family, the addition of a great appeal of the strength of idols!

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“Beauty” is Angelababy’s most widely known label, real, positive and vibrant – her beauty is because the inner open-minded and calm, “people live is for the ideal, furious, only live in this life.” She had recorded Of this sentence embodies her hard work and hard work, perseverance and firmness, wisdom and courage. As Angelababy for the TAG Heuer’s advertising vision presented by the lens in the slightly slim she wear the TAG Heuer Aquaracer series of women’s watch, eyes and burst out of tension – this is the weight of the No fear of color # # Angelababy, showing the beauty of no time, showing the charm of free and easy, driving the power of dreams … … like TAG Heuer, in the years of tempered did not forget the beginning, chasing dreams and increasingly perfect.

“Multiple identity” is Angelababy who is another different label. Fashion model born her through continuous efforts to gradually cut a striking figure; stepped up to expand the performing arts of the road, harvest praise numerous; for her to win a lot of attention and affirmation is her in the variety show breakthrough in self-subversive image; and venture capital fund AB Capital Let her more than a “investor” identity; the same time, in the family life, the wife and mother’s role also gives her more responsibility … … shuttle between multiple identities, Angelababy continue to explore the unlimited potential, constantly Challenge unknown areas, always beyond their own, showing a very strong inner strength. This is a different interpretation of the spirit of the pioneer, “under the weight of fearless” unique interpretation, which makes Angelababy become a great interpretation of ┬áTAG Heuer.
When talking about the new global brand ambassador, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of ┬áTAG Heuer and president of LVMH Group, said: “We are very pleased that Angelababy has become a TAG Heuer A member of the TAG Heuer family! Her joining will help TAG Heuer and the younger generation to deepen contact. At the same time, in the ‘under pressure without fear of the vanguard of the spirit of help, we will also be with Angelababy together, This spiritual power is conveyed to more young people!

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At the same time,TAG Heuer Bergoa global brand ambassador Angelababy said: “It is a great honor to become a global brand Ambassador TAG Heuer! cheap TAG Heuer replica let me recognize another of their own, let me faith in their own firm, dream I am willing to work with TAG Heuer, in the future on the road, walking non-stop, keep moving forward, together under the weight of the fear of no matter! ”

Angelababy’s choice
In 2017,TAG Heuer released the new Aquaracer series of women’s watch, with stainless steel case, and in the natural mother of pearl dial for the first time using a translucent blue or black paint, with a stainless steel bracelet, buckle to pull And polished two treatments alternately. This watch shows sports fashion, with 35 mm elegant size, water depth of 300 meters underwater. Bezel set with 35 diamonds, total weight 0.59 karats, watch for the magnificent luxury charm.