An Replica Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Prototype

In 2005 I bought Omega Speedmaster with with a white dial, Ref.No: DD145.0022 with a OMEGA 861 movement, Year of manufacture 1984. I wrote to Omega Switzerland to request some additional information about this best replica watch.

White Speedy
So I remained with the mystery why someone would replace original parts like a dial, pushers and crown on a best cheap replica watch that appeared in an otherwise perfect condition. There was little I could do so I stopped searching for answers and hoped that the future might bring something.

During this diner, 8 persons were there, 4 Omega replica watches Vice Presidents, two big collectors, Mr.Richon and myself. I gave my cherished Speedy to Mr.Richon and he was surprised to see it with this dial as well, so he passes it to the next expert at the table. While the cheap replica watch was slowly circulating around the table, I noticed that Mr.Richon was wearing a strange watch himself. A Speedmaster Professional in all its glory but with a date. And it wasn’t the Holy Grail Speedmaster, but a normal looking Speedmaster Pro 3570.50 but with a date aperture at 4.30.
However, I could not let the prototype go out of my hands. It was stunning. Mr Richon noticed this and asked if I would like to trade this prototype watch for my white dial Speedmaster. Next morning I flew back to Croatia and the first thing I did when I arrived home was to take a look a closer look at the watch.

Werk Total
Update, we received the following photo from Tom Koerts, swiss fake watch enthusiast from The Netherlands who discovered a similar Omega Speedmaster Pro on the wrist of one of the watchmakers at Blancpain. This probably means that there are more prototypes of this model around.