An elegant pink gold Patek Philippe replica Classic table

These two days, and from a friend received a nice table. Really is a good Patek Philippe replica watch, top brand, Patek Philippe replica, work top, the new PP replica watches imprint material is also top, rare 18K pink gold.


Initially seen micro letter FIG friend I have some unmoved, after all, is not so cold small three-pin, as has been like three-pin, long sweep second hand has been my favorite scene, if it is grilled blue that is better. But see the kind the replica watches and try them, I feel it has a unique charm.


Photos do not have much to shoot, this is not just wear a day, can not wait to share with everyone.

First to a started drawing. Please ignore my little thin wrists and looked cheap line sleeve child. Beijing two cold a little unscientific, arguably such a table to get started Figure anyhow have to be equipped with a tasteful shirt or something, but temperatures around freezing or let me put away the grace, obediently put on a jacket and wire clothes.

This is replica watches when a friend tried to shoot at, and I think I will only wear a little thin arms up so much.
And not much else, this is not a lantern buckle.



Again a background rendering overhand FIG.
Phone took effect or not, directly on the SLR came back, simply take a few replica watches.

I am too lazy, the overall figure is not did not shoot, do not accidentally shoot virtual, and then not bother to re-shoot, but the whole map we should also have seen many of my friends made, and I do not fruitless. I applaud the table when the time is adjusted generally like about ten ten, so it looks prettier.


Look at the dial.
Now look at this three-pin layout, beauty seems to have no less than three-pin, with “elegant” word to describe it quite right, it reminds me of a woman to get along, you might think at first glance nothing feeling, accustomed to but that looks quite beautiful. Hey, why would a woman mentioned it ~ ~ ~


I forgot to ask friends, only Patek Philippe replica 5119 of the dial is what material, and I wonder if you inform this porcelain surface or paint? Have seen a lady of platinum pp accidentally into the water table, the result of light repair blistering lacquered dial it paid for.
Most important, the movement diagram. Fortunately, only Patek Philippe replica 5119 are back through, and can be very intuitive appreciation Cal.215 PS charm PP huge imprint not only quality assurance, but also a brand of integrity on the inside, Patek Philippe replica watch is not simply replica watches , it is a work of art.