The Best Patek Philippe Annual Calendar replica

Outside outstanding functional design, whether it is men or women watch, without exception reflects Patek Philippe’s iconic style, or simple design, or distinctive, full of extraordinary creativity and innovative spirit, gives a visual, enjoy comfort and practicality on the triple, so that the wearer from a variety of angles to explore the inherent mechanical watch different kind of charm. From the first Calendar Ref. 5035 year to launch the latest watches, Patek Philippe replica has launched a total of 22 calendar watches, watches from simple to complex, and so forth.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar replica

Patek Philippe’s First Annual Calendar Ref. 5035

Patek Philippe launched in 1996, the first calendar table Ref. 5035, the year he won the best watch Switzerland year calendar table definer become undisputed. . Ref innovative patented mechanical means 5035 Calendar To solve the 30 days in January and 31 days in January due to alternating manually adjusted, adopted a new design ideas: 24 hours gear with two putts. When the end of the 30 day of the month, the second month of gear push rod will push forward more day to go, this date will be able to jump directly from the 1st 30 days, reducing the number of manually adjustable.
Ref. 5035 follow the “simple and reasonable” design principles, simple and elegant overall appearance, affinity and humane arrangements so watch easier to use. Size is 34.5mm, after carrying movement Calibre 315 S QA, based movement body thickness 3.22mm, add calendar means only increase the thickness of 2mm, dial with day, week and month indication, time scale with iconic Roman numerals, coordination and not crowded, the 6 o’clock position of the additional 24-hour hour indication, with precise performance and plenty of power.
Patek Philippe’s First Annual Calendar Ref. 5035

For Patek Philippe watch industry as a whole is, Ref 5035 Calendar for the year is recognized as the first practical complications when the count: the count of practical everyday functions such complex, long-term to maintain a high degree of reliability and ease of operation. Wear and watch people use every day is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries. Its success continues to this day, Patek Philippe Annual Calendar watch industry has become extremely popular Haute Horlogerie watch series.
Men’s Calendar Watch
Ref. 5396

Ref. 5396 designed to celebrate Patek Philippe Annual Calendar and the twentieth anniversary of the building, is a clever improvements and enhancements over the years for different dial design calendar series of 21 models of timepieces. Ref. 5396G Platinum subsection 38.5 mm in diameter, using charcoal gray sunburst dial and large Breguet numerals. With matt black hand-sewn alligator strap with rectangular scales, modern and full of sense of design. The same series Ref. 5396R watch is equipped with silvered dial and rose gold case, no doubt filling refined temperament. Ref. 5396 Round Case shape reminiscent of the well-known history of Calatrava Ref. 96, concise and atmosphere. Both Calendar are unique double windows side by side, each day of the week and month. Ref. 5396 re-interpretation of the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar of extraordinary charisma, combined with balanced proportions of design aesthetic and practical function and create complications when the count’s top model.
Ref. 5146 G-001

Ref. 5146 G-001 Men’s Calendar, neat straight lines, very modern style. White gold, case diameter of 39 mm. Analog dial with day and month display, window-type date display. Opaline dial set off gold applied hour markers and numerals, rich layers of clear, strong and confident interpretation of masculinity. Ref. 5146 watches a variety of different models are equipped with power reserve indication, clear and accurate information to provide more time.
Ref. 5205G-001

Simple purely Patek Philippe has consistently adhered to. Ref. 5205G-001 men’s calendar watch, white gold, with a new design case, with unique curved carving lugs. Diameter of 40 mm case, Windows Day, date and month display, and featuring moon phases and 24 hour display, clear and easy to read. Rhodium and silver gray two-tone dial, with a large rod-shaped gold applied hour-markers, showing Haute Horlogerie proprietary sophisticated texture. Hand-sewn alligator strap rectangular scales, full sense of design, highlighting male masculinity.
Ref. 5726A-001

Ref. 5726A-001 Men’s Calendar by Patek Philippe Nautilus very prestigious series. Stainless steel watch, case diameter of 40.5 mm, decorated with rolling water ripple pattern on black dial with luminescent coating gold applied hour-markers, like waves surging, endless. Window Day, date and month display, with a center second hand and both large moon phase function.
Ref. 5905P-001

Ref. 5905P-001 men’s calendar chronograph dial using concentric rings, with a durable, sporty appearance. Blue sunburst, gold applied hour-markers, 42 mm case diameter, distinguished atmosphere revealed. Center seconds, with a chronograph function, 6 o’clock 60 minutes with a single timer, window Day, date and month display, make this watch a display function perfected. To-life pioneer design fully meet the daily wear required. The new calendar chronograph replace the 2006 launch of the Ref. 5960P watch.
Ref. 4936J-001

Ref. 4936J- 001 women’s Calendar, case diameter of 37 mm, gold styles. White mother of pearl dial with gold applied Roman numerals. Center second hand design, dial with pointer week and month display, window-type date display. Crown and each case inlaid with 14 diamonds and 156, filling the elegant and luxurious style, dazzling brilliance against the background rhythm of time, poured into an independent feminine tempting tenderness.
Ref. 4937G-001

Patek Philippe Ref. 4937G-001 Ladies Calendar is a true combination of advanced watchmaking aesthetics and top jewelry timepieces. Case diameter 37 mm, white gold, using Analog day and month and date display window style. White alligator leather strap fresh and simple, with sapphire-crystal cover each other, and the whole body design wristwatch pleasing harmony. Case, crown and buckle inlaid with dazzling diamonds, any angle can reflect light transparent moist.
Ref. 4947R -001
Ref. 4948G-001

Dark and light collide in the most direct sense of visual impact buckle straight people. Ref. 4948G-001 324 S QA LU automatic winding movement, case diameter of 38 mm. Bali Tahitian black or white mother of pearl dial with moon phase function and 35-45 hours of power reserve, both high-performance and look to the United States. Hand-sewn alligator leather strap with rectangular scales render shiny gray mink, the perfect realization of “Out.” But yet very feminine trait restrained sophistication. In the Patek Philippe world, watch each one includes a blend of technical skills to perfection and exquisite aesthetics atmosphere. Smart escape, pleasing and charming, Patek Philippe Ref.4947R-001 ladies’ interpretation of the impressive timepiece charm. Case diameter 38 mm, the size that is different from the ordinary exhibit uninhibited women’s watches. Silver sunburst dial, gold applied numerals, hand-sewn alligator leather strap with rectangular scales. Analog day and month, date display window style. Shangzhui rose gold round case of 141 diamonds, the achievements of a different kind of modern beauty.

From 1996 to 2016, Patek Philippe Annual Calendar watch came more than two decades. Two decades, Patek Philippe complex functions continuous improvement, committed to uphold the tradition of watchmaking, and flourish. From 1996 design of the first calendar watch, to this day continues to introduce new production of a variety of the latest timepieces, laid a deserved calendar watch definer of the place. Each calendar layout table take into account the people’s reading habits, so that the time display neatly arranged in clear confusion between dial, combined with well-designed watches appearance, the interpretation of the legendary calendar watch extraordinary.