Replica Buyers Guide Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection – Women’s Cruise 2009

Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection - Women's Cruise 2009 Watch Releases

A sexy bracelet that tells time. By Gucci.

That’s what this is.

Gucci is a brand known for its Italian flair – classic shapes – and brilliant use of iconic motifs. You know a Gucci when you see it.

This is holding true for their timepieces as well. As a relatively new extension of the brand, the watches are just a continuation of trends and designs that have already proven successful in their fashion and handbag lines. But one problem that seems to be clouding Gucci watches is that what works for handbags, does not always work for watches.

I love Gucci – just not their watches. At least, not yet.
Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection - Women's Cruise 2009 Watch Releases

Like the Gucci Marina Chain Watch, above, introduced at this year’s Gucci Women’s Cruise fashion show. In the context of a fashion show, this watch works. And in this promo shot below, it definitely fits in. The iconic logo bag – the neutral color palette – the lush fabrics… But, for everyday wear – I do not see this as a wearable watch.

Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection - Women's Cruise 2009 Watch Releases

The Marina Watch Collection definitely keeps up with identity of Gucci. But this watch in particular needs a little work – and a better understanding of the relationship between a watch and its wearer.

With the discontinuous band, the Marina Chain watch looks thrown together and confused. The solid backing of the band whereupon the Marina Chain is laid does not work in harmony. Even with the harder edges of the band, in stark contrast to the soft curves of the chain, there is no harmony here.

Catering to fashionistas with different fashion senses, Gucci has designed the Marina Chain Collection in Sold Yellow Gold – Stainless Steel- and a combination of the two. On top of the metal options, diamonds are, of course, another option to customize your watch. I usually don’t like Stainless Steel/Yellow Gold combos – kinda reminds me of the 80s – but in this case, it seems to be the best option. This way, you can see the Marina Chain links, which are the most interesting part of this watch.

Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection - Women's Cruise 2009 Watch Releases

The links are sexy – there is no doubt about that. It was the execution of those links upon a watch that disappoints me a bit.

Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection - Women's Cruise 2009 Watch Releases

Looking at the watch band further, another issue arises. The belt buckle closure. And although it is another icon of the brand – the belt buckle closure looks downright uncomfortable. Though the Marina Watch Collection was introduced at the Cruise Fashion Show, in reality, the wearer will have to still use her hands while wearing this. Imagine resting your hand on a desk – there’s the belt buckle, now an uncomfortable indentation on your wrist.

With a very involved watchband, I love that Gucci kept the dial face simple. There are no hour or minute indicators, just the Gucci logo and hour/minute hands. This simplistic take on time does keep in line with the image of Gucci. And with the face of the watch blending in with the Marina links, you forget that you are looking at a timepiece. Which, at that point, shouldn’t you just invest in one of their bracelets?

While I understand and agree with the design concept to link handbags and shoes and jewelry and watches – it is a delicate line of practicality and taste that much be walked.

So, with that in mind – with the Marina Watch Collection by Gucci – you are mostly just buying the brand name here. Which, with Gucci, isn’t a bad thing. I just think that if you want to show the world your taste and affection for nice things, you would be better served buying a bag or piece of jewelry – such as this exquisite Horsebit and Marina Chain Link necklace by Gucci.

Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection - Women's Cruise 2009 Watch Releases

The Marina Chain Collection Watches by Gucci are priced depending on the metal and whether or not diamonds are included, but break down as approximately $15,300 for the solid 18 karat Yellow Gold version – $4,095 for the 18 karat Yellow Gold and Stainless Steel Version – and $1,915 for the simply Stainless Steel version. Available in two sizes – Small (“Large” at 33mm x 43.2mm) and Even Smaller (Or just “Small” at 26mm x 35mm), this is still a very dainty watch. And with several different options for diamonds, you can order a Marina Chain Watch to truly reflect your own style.

In reality, if your tastes are for the most part about utilitarian “severe” tool watches along with your focus is more on purpose versus style (nothing wrong with that), you’re probably not going to get a lot of interest for this watch. After initially covering the new slew of “animal face” Gucci Dive watches using rubber or embroidery” dials a couple months before, the kind of polarizing effect this kind of style watch was obvious. And that did not surprise me.With that said, I find these watches fun. They aren’t meant to replace a tool-style or conventional watch, but they give an attractive flavor for those who enjoy relishing in high-fashion luxury items as well as watches. I not only saw the larger selection of these “animal divers” with Gucci at Baselworld 2017, but additionally reviewed this Gucci Dive 45mm using all the “embroidery dial” myself. For what it is, I really enjoy this particular watch. If you don’t like the notion of it, that’s cool. Just love that there is a place for watches like this.Gucci a part of the Kering Group, that possesses a series of big name watch brands like Ulysse Nardin and Girard-Perregaux. Gucci isn’t new to watches and has been producing quartz and mechanical watches of various forms for ages. To some degree, the newest is a bit more well-known due to their women’s merchandise, but men’s things from Gucci are both popular and common. I’ve been monitoring the new watches for years now, and find it interesting how they frequently totally redo their collections and celebrate novelty in a means which allows for freshness and new instructions on a regular basis.

With every major purchase, it all comes down to personal taste.
And this watch… is just not my personal taste.

[-Admin: Well I like it, but I’m not a woman]

Replica For Sale My First Grail Watch: Michele Sofisti Of Gucci Watches, Girard-Perregaux, And JEANRICHARD

My First Grail Watch:  Michele Sofisti Of Gucci Watches, Girard-Perregaux, And JEANRICHARD My First Grail Watch

Welcome back to the original aBlogtoWatch feature, “My First Grail Watch.” In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we’re speaking with Michele Sofisti, who has been in the watch industry since the mid-90s, and has be at the helm of a number of luxury watch brands which as of today includes running Gucci Watches, Girard-Perregaux, and JEANRICHARD. Yes, that is a lot. With his grail watch, I think many will find it refreshing that it was a timepiece that many aspire to, or perhaps even have already acquired – and certainly a common one in the grail watch series. What I think is most unique here is that Mr. Sofisti eventually ended up working as CEO of the brand who made his first grail – nice bit of synchronicity there!

aBlogtoWatch (ABTW): Who are you, and what is your relationship to the watch industry?

Michele Sofisti (MS): I’m CEO of Sowind Group, as well as CEO of Gucci Watches Bangle Replica watches and jewellery. I entered in this passionate industry in 1995 and I served as President and CEO of Brands like Omega and Swatch, among others. I must say that after so many years in the industry I’m now definitely taken by watches which are objects of design and technical complications. I’m also drawn by those that push me in seeking to push our company’s innovation and R&D in a very strong way.

ABTW: When did your fascination with watches start?

MS: As I mentioned, I entered the industry in 1995 at Omega. I was not an expert or a collector at that time. I was looking at watches with interest but in a superficial way. Watches then entered in my life in a strong way and I feel now completely involved.

ABTW: What was your first grail watch?

MS: As a kid end of sixties and seventies, I was watching the Apollo Missions to the moon and I got so intrigued that, when I could afford it, I bought the “moon watch” – the Omega Speedmaster. It was incredible for me many years after that to go to Switzerland to work at Omega and to meet the astronauts I was watching as a kid on TV.

ABTW: As you mentioned, you got to a point where you could afford the watch, and bought it. When did that happen for you?

MS: It was not easy for me to get that watch which was too expensive for a young student. But, saving up and summer jobs allowed me to achieve that goal.

ABTW: Do you still have your Speedmaster? Or have you moved on to something else?

MS: I do not have that particular watch anymore but, working at Omega I could replace it with other models of the same product which I still have. The point is that, being an executive in the industry I ‘m absolutely committed to the Brands I work with. Today if I wear a watch, I proudly wear a Gucci Watches 1500 Price Replica watch, a JEANRICHARD, or a model from Girard Perregaux.

I enjoy the negative LCD display (black background with orange numerals), however you might also get the i-Gucci having a more conventional LCD display. How easy is it to use this watch? Honestly not that awful. It took me a couple of minutes to orient myself using the purposes, but it is not that complex once you get the hang of it. Right now the most famous frustrating-to-operate watches would be the Japanese analog watches from Citizen and Casio designed to have all of the features of the digital counterparts. I loathe operating those. For those more interested, I suggest checking out the Gucci i-Gucci operating manual PDF here.Gucci watches are built with stainless steel cases (some are golden) and reliable Swiss inner motions. Some models provide water resistance to 300 meters, which ranks among the finest we have seen one of designer watches. These are tough, well-built timepieces that should endure for decades, if not decades, with appropriate care.Like most lavish timepieces, Gucci watches can be found with various different internal mechanisms. The majority of their models use Swiss quartz movements, which give you super-precise accuracy while requiring minimal maintenance.