Cara Delevingne new ambassador for TAG Heuer replica watches UK now

And established TAG Heuer celebrate Trehaa to Cara Delevingne “in the lounge,” Malbomin, “the most beautiful hall in the Fine Arts School in Paris in the presence of the annexation of 150 journalists and VIPs. As soon as they Kara being the same as it is, not only gives us another pretty picture, but a full range extraordinary, fantastic, comic, absurd and radiant.

TAG Heuer decided to choose Cara Delevingne to be the new ambassador, before Kara, featured mannequins Stars and Talguen on the covers of magazines and serene on the Runway.

Cara Delevingne new ambassador for TAG Heuer

The Jean – Claude Bever, CEO of TAG Heuer and head of the Department of clocks in the world in LVMH company welcome BAM Delevin by providing hour TAG Heuer ReplicaFormula 1 steel and white ceramic, chronograph and inlaid Pmasat sparkling, spoke Beaver saying: “I am delighted to welcome BAM in family TAG Heuer” He continued: “It is a moment always solemn. the family TAG Heuer is not just an idea, it is a work of a team with a spirit of teamwork with distinction. We need someone Jammeh, messed up and rebel but at the same time elegant, such as Kara does whiten their minds about the boldness and the feet of young generation today. We have the TAG Heuer development of the “uniqueness” in mind, and Kara are the person who helps us get to that. Thank you Kara for joining our team, and Welcome with us!